Newly Listed Olympic Games For Teenager

Teenagers are an age group who love partying like no other people; they want their party wild, exciting, and try new things very often. An exciting host is all you need to make a party fun. If you want people to remember your parties even after it’s over or wants people to be a fan of your parties, try to organize some games to spark interest in your guests. Here are some ideas and 먹튀검증, you can use for your upcoming party.


The game resembles more of a treasure hunt. “What’s the treasure?” You wonder. The answer is Socks. Yes, you heard it right. Take 20 pairs of socks and mix all the pairs and hide them. One person on the team needs to find all the socks and arrange them in pairs. A timer will be used to record the time taken for an individual to find a pair. The first one to win all the pairs in the shortest time will be the winner.

Water Polo

There will be two teams of an equal number of people, and each team will choose a person to be the tag. The tagger has to be blindfolded, and the tagger has to catch people as much as he can within a specific area marked using ropes. Nevertheless, the tagger can not catch people from its team. But the last one to be caught by the tagger wins the game.


Set up some obstacles on the way. Something to jump over, to crawl under, to pass through; maybe set up some bricks to jump over, a hula hoop to go through, and a table to crawl under. Set a timer to record the time of each participant, and the one with the shortest time to complete the entire act wins the game.

Lay An Egg

This game is quite exciting and easy to conduct. Two people will play in pairs against another pair of two people. The players in pairs will be facing their back to each other, and a raw egg will be placed between them. The challenge is to place the egg on the ground making sure not to break it. The first pair to complete the challenge will be announced the winner.

Belly Burst

Similar to the previous, two people will be in pairs at random but facing each other. One inflated balloon will be placed between their stomachs, and they will be challenged to burst it. The first pair to burst it will be the winner of the game.

Thread The Needle

One of the most exciting games is Thread the needle. You need a Hula Hoop to carry out this game. The participants will hold hands in a circle, but only one participant will have a hula hoop hanging in his arm. The participants will run in a circle holding their hands, and that particular participant with the hula hoop needs to pass through it and pass it to the next player. The next player needs to pass through it, passing it further. The hula hoop will be passed on until it reaches the first player again. All needs to happen by holding hands. No player can leave the hand, or he will be disqualified.

Several other bizarre and fun games are available to be conducted at the party to keep the guest amused and make your party a memorable one for life.

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