5 Fun Activities For Students

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Online live classes have now made learning possible from the comfort of one’s home. How fantastic it is to log in to the class via a teaching app and learn new things without having to step outside the house! A great deal of time is also saved as no one has to travel to reach anywhere. The entire world is now just at our fingertips!

As much as the online classes are really enjoyable, often the students get distracted playing Drift Hunters and don’t pay the required amount of attention to what the teacher is explaining at the other end of the screen. So, how can the attention of the students be retained? Of course, it can be done by planning games and organizing fun activities for students.

There are a lot of engaging online classroom games that will educate the students, amuse them and make them more attentive.

To help you plan these fun events, we have come up with a list of the top 5 digital games for students that can be played in the live classes.

5 Fun Activities In Online Teaching

#1: Virtual Pictionary

Virtual Pictionary is really an enjoyable online game where a student will display illustrations or provide his teammates with hints in the form of pictures to guess the word. The teacher can privately send the word to the student who will act as the player. You may divide the entire class into two groups.

Now, anyone student will act as the player and will share illustrations or relevant pictures related to the word by using the “Screen Sharing” feature of the teaching app. The other students have to guess what the exact word is.

It would be awesome to incorporate this game in one of your classes to help them grow their vocabulary. Playing Virtual Pictionary will also strengthen the thinking power and creativity skills of the students.

#2: Freeze Dance

If you wish to conduct any game that is not directly related to the curriculum, freeze dance is a great choice for you. To play this game, ask your students to turn on their cameras. Play music and ask them to dance in any way they want.

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Just when the music stops, the students have to freeze or act like they have become a statue. This will be really refreshing to the minds of the students. Besides, the students’ worked up brains will get a good relaxation from this fun game.

#3: Virtual Trivia

Virtual Trivia is the perfect amalgamation of education and entertainment. By playing this trivia game, you can actually assess if the students have understood the concepts and if they are studying well.

To play this game, prepare a list of questions and answers that you wish to ask the students. Now, divide the total number of students into two groups or teams.

See now, how quickly and correctly the students can answer the questions. Isn’t it a fun way to test your students?

#4: Whiteboard Teaching

Whiteboard Teaching is one of the excellent activities for students and can be conducted in live classes most efficiently. To conduct this activity, divide the total number of students into smaller groups and ask them to acquaint themselves with a new lesson that you will be starting next.

Ask the students to learn a bit about the new concept so that they can act as a teacher for one day and explain the concepts to their classmates.

Introduce a whiteboard tool in the virtual classroom to let your students creatively explain the concepts to their peers.

In this way, you will also be able to understand how well they can make their points stand out in the class.

#5: Virtual Music Chairs

You are probably thinking how weird it will be to play Musical Chairs virtually, right? Well, it will actually be relaxing and full of fun!

All of us get bored sitting in one place in front of the laptop. Our backs start to ache and we can hardly concentrate on the class any longer, right?

To stay focused and refreshed for the rest of our daily routines, play Virtual Musical Chairs with your students.

Play music and ask your students to stand up and do a bit of freestyle dancing. Then, stop the music at regular intervals. When the music stops, your students would have to rush to their sitting place.

The person who will be the last to reach his/her seat will lose the round.

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Final Words

Hopefully, these fun activities will spice up your regular online classes.

Undoubtedly, these games will positively impact the students as they will be all the more revitalized to attend the classes.

Try conducting these games in your classes and see how great the outcomes you receive are.

Good luck!

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