5 SEO hacks that can help you in your Keyword Ranking

The term keyword ranking concerning SEO refers to a specific spot of a page on the pages that appear because of the search done by a user. When users enter the search terms in the search engine, which is associated with your site’s content, the position where the URL of your site is shown is keyword ranking.

A search engine generally displays ten results on each page. If the URL of your site appears on the first page, it means that your site has a high rank, and hence, it is highly probable that the user gets into your site to read its contents. The higher the keyword ranking, the higher will be its position in the search results pages. Also, the site whose URL is displayed at the top of the first page has a higher ranking than the URL shown at the end of the page.

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  1. Use target keywords and long-tail keywords to have a high keyword ranking of your site

Start integrating keywords in your content as it helps you to secure a high rank for your site. Research the specific keywords users use while searching content on a topic. Try using them in your content. Also, use long-tail keywords.

Long-tail keywords are a combination of words that users use while searching content on that topic. They are target words that are search intent.

You may use suitable tools to find long-tail keywords for your content.

  1. Go for evergreen content and modify the old write-ups

The easiest way to improve the SEO rank is to write evergreen content. It makes your page helpful and brings in more traffic to it. Readers should be able to connect to the content, and the content should remain relevant even after the passage of several years.

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Also, keep updating the content with time so that it remains relevant.

  1. Try to earn Backlinks for your site

A backlink points to another website or webpage. A search engine generally takes into account the number of backlinks associated with a site. It also notes the point due to which other sites are pointing at it. Hence, it considers the quality of a website based on these backlinks.

  1. Optimize the images and videos used in the content

Do not just optimize the content; optimize the images and videos used in your site for better results and more traffic. Compress them so that the loading time decreases. You may also use alt tags as a substitute for images.

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  1. Give engaging titles and provide Meta descriptions wherever needed

Write engaging titles that attract the users to your content. Use meta descriptions as it helps to secure a high keyword ranking.


Search engine optimization is a complex thing. The concepts of search engine optimization and keyword ranking are somewhat overlapping with each other. Using keywords help in bringing more traffic to the sites, and hence it gets a better rank. The above five SEO hacks that can help you in your keyword ranking are helpful for new bloggers and experienced ones. Finding an easy-peasy solution to improve your business website rank on the search engine, no worry, pick any of the best SEO Companies in Mumbai.