Bamboo basket: A long-lasting & Eco-friendly product to Use

A basket is a type of container traditionally made from many materials, e.g., fine wooden splints, bamboo fibers or bamboo strips, cane, pine, straw, hide, animal hair, metal strips, etc. A basket which made of bamboo fibers or bamboo strips is called a bamboo basket. Bamboo is the prime material for making a bamboo basket. The People are specialized in weaving baskets, known as basket makers. This weaving craft of basket makers is a traditional rural craft and also an ancient craft.

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How bamboo baskets weaved?

Bamboo baskets are typically hand-woven; many bamboo basket-making traditions have developed globally over time, particularly in Southeast Asia and East Asia. Firstly basket makers collect rich quality bamboo, and then they abstract fibers or strips out of those. Two distinct sets of bamboo strips are interlaced at normally right angles to form a base shape of the basket, and then the next part is easy. The bamboo strips’ weaving goes around the base shape until the basket is rugged and durable enough to carry. The longitudinal strips of bamboo are called the warp, and the lateral stripes are called the weft or woof, also known as filling. These two sets of bamboo strips create a bamboo basket by a basket maker or basket weaver. There are many bamboo basket makers, who make designer baskets.

In which works can you use a bamboo basket?

You can do various kinds of works with a bamboo basket. These bamboo baskets are mainly used to store grains, supplements, and goods and carry purposes in the fields and construction sites. But you can also use bamboo baskets in many more works.

Bamboo basket as a decorative item: It can be used as a decorative item; one can creatively decorate a house, weeding gates, lone with it with some customization. When you color a bamboo basket, it looks very charming and beautiful. You can also paint on it and draw many patterns as you want and decorate it where ever you want. You can also collect a bamboo basket because of its traditional history and decorate it. In Japan, bamboo weaving is registered as a traditional Japanese craft with a range of decorative and fine arts.

Bamboo basket as a small or medium container and more: One can contain various kinds of goods in a bamboo basket, it can be used in constructional sites by workers for carrying bricks and many constructional building items, Row kitchen items such as ginger, onion, garlic, green chili, and many other things can be kept in a bamboo basket. You can also throw away your garbage with it. It can help you daily, and you won’t know in which you would need its help. From carrying goods to waste, you can use a bamboo basket in many works of your everyday life.

Where can bamboo baskets be found?

Though basket weaving is an ancient and traditional craft, you will find baskets all over the world. But bamboo baskets are primarily found in Southeast Asia and East Asia, particularly in India. Local market sellers sell bamboo baskets. Nowadays, many online sellers with websites such as provide quality bamboo baskets. If you need a bamboo basket, you can find it online and reduce your trouble in this corona situation.

Bamboo basket is an eco-friendly product. So its usage brings no harm to the environment. A bamboo basket is also very durable and long-lasting because of its fine materials, and also it is within reach of everyone’s budget. So, ignore plastic containers and use eco-friendly, durable bamboo baskets.