Benefits of Digitization as a Reformatting Strategy

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A number of positive outcomes result from deploying digitization as a reformatting strategy. Digitization increases the capture capability for many types of paper-based material, such as oversize and color items, for which there has been no effective reformatting strategy to date. Functionality, such as zooming capabilities, allows users to examine more closely fine details and produce a variety of outputs to suit different needs.

Paper-based materials

Digital facsimiles better reproduce the navigational experience of a book than does the linear format of microfilm. Although the preservation of paper-based materials is the primary focus of this document, digitization also has the potential to capture information currently recorded on many other media and may be the only method to preserve this material.

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Digital environment

When digital facsimiles of print materials are made accessible via the World Wide Web, the widest range of users has equal access to collections from any location whether they are on- or off-site.

A virtual environment of digital files can combine content from many kinds of resources, including primary source material, and provide powerful opportunities to integrate materials seamlessly into instruction and course management systems for teaching and learning. Digitization allows users to create virtual collections that will support new and creative research made possible only in a digital environment.

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