Beware Of These Alimony Myths 

After a divorce, one spouse is supposed to send alimony payments, also known as spousal support, to the other. Alimony payments are meant to help the recipient maintain a certain standard of living after the divorce. Who pays and how much is determined using various factors, such as income, contribution to the marriage, length of the marriage, etc. 

There have been various myths surrounding alimony over the years. Divorce is a highly emotional time, and it can be too easy to get swayed by these misconceptions. A salt lake city divorce lawyer can help you get your facts straight. 

Top myths related to alimony

  • Only wives receive alimony. 

Those days are gone when only the man of the family went to work. Nowadays, more and more women are becoming the breadwinners of the family, and many of them are even earning more than their husbands. If a wife earned substantially more than the husband, she is entitled to pay him alimony. 

  • Alimony is an out-of-date concept. 

It is the age where, in most couples, both the husband and the wife earn money. It may cause many people to think that nobody is entitled to receive alimony since both are earning. However, this is not true. Many families are dual income, but it is seen that one spouse often sacrifices their opportunities to support the other or take care of their family. 

  • You can get out of paying alimony if you quit your job. 

Paying alimony is a headache to almost everyone who has to do it, and some people go to extreme lengths, such as lowering their income, to avoid paying. However, this is a bad move and almost always backfires. A voluntary reduction of your income will not allow you to get out of paying alimony. The judge will determine a new amount using your new income. Therefore, no matter how much your earnings are, you still have to pay alimony one way or another. 

  • Alimony is permanent for life. 

You do not need to pay alimony all your life. Alimony is temporary payments that are meant to support the recipient until they are able to do it themselves. For example, if your spouse needs education or training to qualify for a job, they can use your alimony payments to attend courses and training. 

Divorce law is a complicated area consisting of complex things, one of which is alimony. As you can see, there are numerous myths related to it. Therefore, hire an attorney to guide you through the divorce.

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