Can slowing fashion save the planet?

In the morning of the 21st century, the conception of fast fashion came into being. From 2000 to 2014, the number of clothes produced doubled. Once consumers have the occasion to constantly refresh their image without spending too important plutocrat, they will come addicted to shopping. As a result, the number of clothes people buy has increased by 400 compared to two decades ago. Before the fashion follow cycle followed the natural seasons ( spring/ summer, afterlife/ cessation), but now it’s indeed possible to have 50 collections at a time. For illustration, Zara launches a new series every two weeks, while H&M used to modernize it formerly a week.

Let us take a near look at the two universalities of fashion consumption and what can be done.

What is wrong with fast fashion?

Due to rapid-fire burning consumption, clothing rapid-fire burning products have had a major impact on the global pollution situation. In the end, these clothes were either burned or buried in the ground. Both are unsustainable and will poison the terrain. According to estimates by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, one truckload of fabric is discarded every second.

British scientists have proven that, on average, people throw down an item requested by the public after wearing it 7-8 times. Due to poor quality, fading or some damage can not be repaired frequently.

In addition to consuming large quantities of water and discharging chemicals, fast fashion is also known for abusing workers. Poor Asian countries have low population inrushes and face a variety of health problems.

Analogous to decelerating down food. Fast food, the slow fashion movement was born to combat the negative goods of fast fashion, and to revive the principles of high quality, respect for terrain, and kindness to workers. Slow fashion clothing wholesale is classic and outdated, with a lot of primer/ introductory input.

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Fast fashion vs slow fashion

Slow fashion is different from fast fashion. It’s manufactured with high quality to achieve the longest service life of clothing. Generally speaking, it uses natural fibers that are generally biodegradable, and its price creates decent working conditions for workers.

Slow fashion represents the substance of fashion, and there are several seasons that match the schedule. On the negative, fast fashion represents low- quality vest wholesale designed to meet consumer demand among the general public.

What can be done?

The first rule is to designedly consume low prices, exchange clothes with buddies, and invest in long-continuing quality.

So if you’re a shop proprietor, you can choose some classic styles, similar as wholesale crew neck sweaters, and choose a dependable clothing wholesaler. It provides a good balance between quality and price, while extending the life cycle of clothing wholesale.

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