Can You Get Compensation if The Other Driver Left The Accident Scene?

Throughout the country, thousands of hit and run cases occur every year. Although fleeing away from the accident scene is against the law, many drivers run away from the accident scene because they know they were at fault, driving under the influence, driving without a license, or are uninsured. Getting into a car collision is highly stressful, but knowing the at-fault driver fled from the scene can leave you with hundreds of questions about what to do next. 

Fortunately, just because the other driver ran away from the scene does not mean you are not entitled to get compensation. A Hillsville Auto Accident Lawyer can help you file for compensation and get fair compensation for all your losses. 

Steps to take after a hit and run accident. 

  • Do not try to chase the other driver. 

One of the common mistakes that people commit after seeing the other driver fleeing away from the accident scene is going behind them. Never try to chase the other driver. Instead, report the accident to the police and wait until they arrive. 

  • Take pictures and videos. 

Just like normal car accidents, try to take pictures and videos from different angles of the accident scene, including your injuries, damages to your vehicle, and other factors that can be helpful to support your claim.

  • Collect information from the witness. 

There will likely be various people who witnessed the accident. Take contact information from all the witnesses to take their statements afterward to support your claim. 

  • Write down all the information that you remember. 

Note down all the information you can remember about the other driver, such as their car model, license number, car color, and even the other driver’s appearance, if possible. 

Will you get compensation for hit-and-run accidents?

The police can help in identifying who the driver was. Unfortunately, in many cases, they remain unidentified. Your case will move ahead if the driver is identified, just like the typical car accident claim. However, if the driver is never identified, your uninsured insurance policy can help recover financial compensation. 

Should you contact a lawyer?

Compared to typical accident cases, hit and run cases can be tricky and complex. Without prior experience, you may be unaware of handling the insurance company and other legalities. Additionally, the insurance company can manipulate you by saying that you cannot apply for compensation because the driver ran away from the accident scene. This is where a car accident lawyer comes into play. A lawyer can help you explore all the possible options to get compensation and ensure that you do not settle for the insurance company’s trap.

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