Did You Hire a Bad Attorney? There’s Are Signs That You Might Have

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Hiring a bad attorney happens. In fact, there’s up to a 17 percent risk that an attorney will be used for malpractice, as reported to the American Bar Association. What is legal malpractice? It is defined as egregious carelessness that results in substantial damage to a client. Even if the lawyer you hired isn’t committing malpractice, it doesn’t imply they’re excellent at what they do.

When you have a legal issue, you need to feel good about the selection you made in choosing a competent attorney to help you resolve your situation. This could be a divorce or possibly an injury you suffered in New York City and you need a personal injury attorney nyc. Recognizing a poor lawyer is key, so you don’t find yourself in a legal situation you didn’t plan for.

Some Signs Your Attorney Isn’t The Right Choice

When you’ve officially hired an attorney, you should get the impression that they are on your side and are working to defend your rights. When you need an attorney, it’s likely that you’re going through a tough period in your life, and the last thing you need is to feel like you have to battle with your legal counsel to receive the help you need.

These are some signs to look out for, if possible, when dealing with an attorney you feel might not be adequate.

Poor Communication

It is common to have questions regarding your case. The status should be communicated to you on a frequent basis by a good attorney. Lawyers should be eager to respond to your inquiries. An attorney should keep you informed at every stage of the process whether you are fighting over custody of your children or losing work involving a personal injury claim.

It’s a red flag if you can’t get in touch with your lawyer and they don’t answer your phone calls or texts. Attorneys are often overworked, but that is no justification for neglecting their other clients. Staff at your attorney’s office should be able to answer your questions and set up appointments or a scheduled call with you so that you may speak with your attorney.

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Clear About Billing Costs

Your lawyer has to make a living, and the way they do so is through charging for their services. Hiring a lawyer may seem very costly, but there is a lot of overhead and behind-the-scenes effort that goes into taking on a case. As for the client, there’s no justification for billing for unanticipated legal expenses due to uncertain ways you are billed.

There are some things to look for so you aren’t overcharged. Attorneys will pad their billing hours, making the client unsure about what you’re paying for. Another typical tactic is adding surcharges to legal costs, but this is sometimes deemed unethical. A reputable attorney will tell you what to anticipate up front, address any unexpected fees, and have a simple billing process that leaves no question about the services you’re paying for.

Lacking Confidence

While anyone would want an attorney who can get you what you want, you should be weary of one that guarantees results. Legal cases can be complicated, and while a competent attorney gives you the best chance at getting the outcome you want, no one can guarantee a particular outcome.

Be cautious if your attorney comes across as a salesman. You should seek an attorney that gives you the best chance at winning your case. But, you want an attorney who will tell you the truth, no matter how it feels.

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