Different email marketing types you must know

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How long have you been doing email marketing? Well, it does not matter if you are just getting started with email campaigns or you have been sending emails every week for years now.

What matters is how well versed you are with the different email marketing types and look for diverse ways to build relationships with your target audience.

In this article, we will discuss diverse types of marketing emails you could use to communicate with or nurture your audience.

And the insights shared here will be helpful for you to make informed decisions about choosing the right email type for the right audience segment at the right time.

Before that, there is something more important. Is your email list ready? Does it have the right email addresses updated? Because, if your email list is not in a healthy state, it can cost you a lot.

Thanks to the advancement in technology, every challenging task is made simpler with the right tools. You can get emails pretty easily with the right email search tools.

How to get emails with email search tools

There are plenty of email search tools available in the market. You need to understand the criteria based on which you will be choosing an email lookup tool.

It has to be quick, accurate, easy to use and a great customer support team. Besides this, most importantly, the tool must come with a free plan or trial plan so that you can test its efficiency.

GetEmail.io is one such tool, it uses big data and machine learning algorithms to locate the correct email format and get emails for you.

Now let us explore the diverse types of email marketing.

The welcome emails

Whenever someone gets into your email list, the very first thing is to thank them and introduce yourself. And welcome email does not have to be a single email, it could be a series of emails.

You can use a series of welcome emails to help your newly signed up prospect to get familiar with your brand, products, services, about all the online platforms you are available on, etc.

Isn’t it awesome?

The promotional campaigns

You must be remarkably familiar with the promotional campaign type. There is a high chance that right now you have a promotional email from a brand you follow in your inbox.

Brand makes the mistake of sending promotional email repeatedly.

This type of campaign can be made a success by using the right elements and copies to provoke emotions, curiosity, leave a sense of humor, etc.

Transactional email campaigns

Transactional emails are the ones you receive upon taking a specific action and allow you to complete the action.

For example, if you are signing up for an online seminar, you will be asked to enroll for it by filling out a form and receiving a thank you email (transactional email) with your login credentials to take part in the seminar.

And in eCommerce sites, transactional emails are the ones you get to confirm your order, give you shipment details, etc.

Concluding thoughts

Besides the email marketing types discussed in this article, there are many other types such as review request emails, re-engagement emails, abandoned cart series, etc.

With enough knowledge about all types of email marketing campaigns, you would be able to nurture your leads effectively and boost sales like never before.