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Have you ever considered the meaning of each of the rings you wear? There are many types of rings, each one is special, due to its design, symbology, and meaning.

At Luxuria, being jewelers and diamond specialists, you can find a collection of ideal rings for any occasion and style. In addition, we have prepared a guide to rings for women in which you will find the tips and tricks to choosing your next ring.

Ring Types and Styles at Luxuria Jewelry Brand

Luxuria Solitaire ring

It is the most traditional ring; it is characterized by being formed by a single central diamond. The important thing is that the central diamond is the one that has all the prominence. It means “a diamond, a love”. Traditionally, this type of ring is the most used to commit, since the promise of eternal love is sealed with a diamond.

Luxuria Engagement ring

This type of ring symbolizes eternal love. It needs when the couple is ready to get married and is usually worn on the ring finger of the left hand, a place in direct contact with the heart. This type of ring is usually always made of diamonds because a diamond is forever, just like the promise of marriage. This ring will become the symbol of that wonderful union that will accompany the couple throughout their lives. The most typical engagement ring is the solitaire type mentioned above.

Eternity Ring

This type of ring is characterized by its design, it is a lane-shaped ring with a row of gems that surround the entire ring. These gems can be diamonds as well as precious gems like emeralds, sapphires, or rubies. It is usually given on special occasions such as the birth of a child or an anniversary. It is a ring of great sentimental value. At Luxuria jewelry brand, you can find wonderful eternity rings that mix diamonds and precious gems.

Alliance Ring

This ring, also known as a wedding ring, symbolizes union and fidelity. Traditional wedding rings are characterized by having a simple design with clean lines, that is, they are usually made up of a smooth surface. However, more and more couples are opting for more creative options such as eternity rings or diamond rings to match the engagement ring. This type of ring is delivered at the wedding ceremony and usually has a special engraving inside.

Signet Ring

This type of ring is characterized by being a ring in which the upper part is wider and flatter. It usually has a rectangular or oval shape and can be inscribed with initials or representative engravings for the person who owns it. Historically, this type of ring was traditional for men, but today it has become a true style statement. At Luxuria Diamonds, we have a beautiful signet ring that you can personalize with the initial of your choice.

Cocktail ring

It is a ring that represents the diversity and freedom of human beings. It is characterized by having multiple gems of different colors. 

Toi Et Moi Ring

The meaning of this ring comes from French and means “You and me”, the union of two opposite personalities that complement each other. Its design is usually made up of two precious gems that are placed one in front of the other, representing those two people who come together.

At Luxuria brand, you will find a universe of 18 Kt gold rings with the best selection of diamonds and precious gems, which combine quality, craftsmanship, and symbology. Discover everything new and give a jewel with sentimental value, you won’t regret it!