Digger Biker Shoes for Men 

The typical athletic men shoes are usually not suitable for bike riders. Designed with stiffer soles, bike shoes are more energy efficient. There are different types of riding to guide your choice, it could be mountain biking, it could be you and your biker friends on the road, or it could be you commuting and running errands around the town.

Dear men, if you are looking forward to your next adventure without having to worry how will you reach those heights or tread across those depths, remember to choose those biker shoes that would fit properly and are not annoyingly edgy from the get-go. Make sure that your heel should not slide up and down and your arch should be snug and supported. Also, here’s the fun part, your biker shoes should be so that they allow your toes to wiggle slightly.

Men’s Shoes By Digger

Crafted with quality and expertise, Digger by Borjan offers footwear designed for men. The shoes carry the adventurer around and over the tough terrains. Digger is for the adventure traveler who is always on the move to discover and explore exciting realms and undertake adrenaline pumping journeys to enjoy great feats. Made to handle the ruggedness, the shoes are designed for the outdoors.

DIGGER successfully launched its ATGATT Series of Biker Shoes which is “All the Gear All the Time” The Biker Shoes for men are associated with motorcycle riders, providing basic safety features for riding and rugged aesthetics to complement their outdoor lifestyle.
it held an exclusive event for the Bikers Community. WILL Motorsports lent a hand in arranging the meet-up! The DIGGER BIKERS MEET’21 rallied off from DHA to Borjan’s M.M Alam outlet on 12th December 2021, making people turn heads and walk into the thrill that prevailed the vicinity!

DIGGER’s Men shoes carry the adventurer around and over the tough terrains. The Biker Shoes have the right amount of double-duty, not only providing toughness but also protecting the feet & legs while they are on the go! The launched shoes have specific features of ankle protection & gear shifter.

After you return from that thrilling adventure, remember to take care of them like you would do with your babies.

Keep the shoes clean by wiping them off with a towel or rag because when on some rugged land, they can easily get soiled. For dirt that is stubborn, use warm water, a dab of soap and brush it away. In the subsequent process, thoroughly dry the wet shoes.

You can wrap and pack the shoes in a newspaper, remove the newspaper from shoes after leaving it packed overnight. This will allow the paper to absorb the residual moisture from the shoes. If the wetness persists, to speed up the process, you may replace the paper after every few hours.