Discovering the Hidden Treasures of Vancouver

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If you’ve lived in Vancouver your entire life, of course you’ll feel like you know the city like the back of your hand and in many ways that’s going to be correct. No matter how you love to spend your time, with a city as vast as this, there’s always going to be a few things that slip under your radar. 

On the other hand, you might be someone who is considering the city and before you start you browse Vancouver homes for sale, you want to make sure there’s enough places where you can see yourself going to time and time again. For whichever of these sound like you, here’s a few of the best things in the city you might have never heard about.

MacLeod’s Books

For those who love to spend their free time inside and wrapped up into a book, MacLeod’s is worth leaving the house for, if only to return with more books to dive into. Located in the wonderful Gastown, this book shop has depth to its offerings as they carry a massive section of different types of publications. 

It’s the bookstore of your dreams, with piles and piles of books stacked to the ceiling. No matter what you love to read, from romance to horror or literary fiction, there’s plenty of what you already know and love and the best selections to get anyone into genres they’ve always been curious about digging into. 

Key Party

A little hidden by design, Key Party displays itself outwardly as an accounting office from the 1970s. From the street, you’d never know what it is and that’s exactly how they’d like it to stay. Once you head inside, you’ll be swept away to a different time in this lounge dedicated to the 1970s. If you are craving a night out, but the normal bar scene isn’t never seems to click, this retro bar might be what your nights out have been missing.

If you are heading there on a weekend night, they are keeping a certain vibe in the bar itself, so you might have to wait your turn before being let into the actual place. It might not sound fun to wait, but once the wait is over you’ll be more than glad you held out.

Richmond Night Market

We all love the idea of heading to the farmers market, but some of us just aren’t early birds so it rarely actually happens. That might be because of our work schedules or that we just love to sleep in, simple as that. Whatever the reason, heading to the Richmond Night Market will give you that experience and more, as you’ll be able to sample foods from plenty of different cultures. 

The night market runs from May through October so given you are local, you’ll have plenty of options to sample the offerings from the over 200 retail vendors and 100 food stalls. In addition to the great food, there’s always live entertainment so this hidden treasure makes for the perfect night out no matter what type of mood you are in.