Emergency exit doors and door shock absorbers

emergency door equipment

Devices for emergency doors are generally long-stemmed. which emergency doors are not popular with house building company บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน Often popular in building work. Long lever emergency door the handle is the same length as the width of the door leaf as shown in the picture. when the handlebar is pressed or pushed towards the door The handle will unlock the door, allowing the door to open. This allows users who are running from a building in an emergency, such as a fire, to leave the building quickly without having to turn the doorknobs.

  • Building control laws. Specify the user of this device to all escape doors. This should be checked with the building law. to know more details
  • Width size opening-closing direction and the position of the door leaf can be checked from the building control law which is related to the number of residents in that building
  • If you don’t know how to install the doors or worrying if everything is ok – make a call to the Locksmith Woodstock

ADA Recommendations

  • For the entrance-exit door. Use a device that does not exceed 5 lb (22.2 N) of force to push or pull the door open.

Automatic door closing device or door choke

A door shock absorber is a device that uses a hydraulic system with a metal arm attached to the door leaf and assists or pressurizes the air. It serves to pull the door shut as well. We close the door, preventing the door from slamming against the jamb while we close the door.

  • Building control laws. Specify the installation of equipment for emergency doors and door shock absorbers. with certification standards or UL (Underwriter Laboratory) automatic door closing device or door shock absorber with emergency exit doors for fireproof walls with door leaf Install a device to open and close the door with an automatic lock system.If You Need More Information Visit: magnewsworld

The installation of the door shock absorber mechanism may be performed as follows.

  • Install the channel in the upper part of the door leaf or frame.
  • Mounted on the push side or the pull side.
  • There may be a mechanism to adjust the door to close slowly. from the desired range until completely closed
  • There may be a mechanism to force one door to close first. Then another door closed behind him. for double doors
  • The mechanism of glass door shock absorbers is often hidden in the floor.

The lock lever is vertical.

  • Both upper and lower door bolts are connected to the push rod system.
  • Minimum size of the door frame.
  • 2½” (64) for single door
  • 2″ (51) for double doors
  • Minimum door leaf thickness 1¾” (45) to hide the bolt inside the hollow steel door.

The lock lever is horizontal.

  • Minimum panel thickness.
  • 1 to 1¼” (32) for external bolt body.
  • 1 to 1¾” (45) for the internal hidden bolt body.
  • Normal handle overhang is 4″ to 5″ (100 to 125), minimum overhang 25⁄8″ (67).
  • Handle height from the floor 3′ 6″ (1065) or between 2′ 6″ (760) and 3’8″ (1,120) from the floor.

Door sills and wind shields

windproof eyebrows

Windproof trims are made of materials such as metal, felt, vinyl, foam rubber, and are placed between the door panels. window with jamb in house building รับสร้างบ้าน to prevent the wind from blowing rainwater into the interior of the channel and reduces the amount of air and dust infiltration

  • Wind protection trims can be installed either on the edge or in front of the door leaf. the edge of the jamb or the earth
  • Material used as windproof eyebrows. It should be durable for long-term use, corrosion-resistant, water-resistant, and easy to replace.
  • Generally, there are several types of windproof eyebrows as follows:
  • Spring plates are made of aluminum, copper, stainless steel or galvanized steel.
  • Vinyl or neoprene trim.
  • Plastic or rubber foam trim strips.
  • Overlay eyebrow pads.
  • Generally, windproof trims are installed from manufacturers who manufacture glass doors, turnstiles and roller shutters.
  • Automatic wind protection eyebrow device. Installed at the bottom edge of the door It is shaped like a strip. and will agree to close the gap between the edge of the door and the threshold when closing the door to help prevent air and noise from entering

Windproof eyebrows around the door frame

  • Metal spring plate rubber or felt trim Vinyl or rubber trim

Windproof eyebrows at the joint of the door leaf

  • Metal spring plate on the door edge. hard rubber trim Solid rubber strips on both doors

Windproof eyebrows around the door sill

  • Vinyl trim. perpendicular to the floor shockproof eyebrow plate J-shaped metal lock on the sill, vinyl trim on the sill.


Generally, sill plates are used to seal the joints of different surface finishes at the entrance door. and help to fill the gap between the door leaf and the floor To prevent the penetration of air inside and outside air.

  • The bottom of the sill is concave to provide a tight fit and interlock with the floor edge.
  • The exterior of the door sill should be grouted with a sealant for waterproofing.
  • Metal door sills should be surface or grooved to prevent slipping.

ADA Compliant Guidelines for Entry Doors

  • The threshold should be no higher than ½” (13) and notched to a slope of not more than 1: 2. In the case of a sliding entrance door inside a residential building. The threshold height can be ¾” (19).Read More About: easysolution24