Every African Girls Guide To Wearing Fabulous Wigs

There’s no doubt in saying that African girls love wearing wigs. Whether it is u part wig, the bob  wig, the 613 blonde wig, or curly ones, women enjoy wearing them all with a nice & cute wig scarf  that adds a lot more color & definition to the tresses.

However, leaving all of that aside, there are many unspoken rules about wigs people don’t talk about. From finding the best ones to learning how to wear them & their maintenance, a lot should be clarified before you consider buying one. And if you are looking for a decent guide to help out, consider this blog as your ultimate source.

How To Wear A Nice Wig?

Once you have chosen a wig of your choice, you’ll have to ensure that it fits you well. Experts have said affordable wigs are the worst deal-breaker, that’s why we suggest you get your measurements right first. These small details can play a crucial role in shaping the look of your face. Also, before you install your wig, make sure that it is protecting your hair. So, we would advise you to moisturize your hair, twist it well & then make sure the ends are tucked well. The wig cap is also important.

Where You Can Find the Right Wig?

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How To Adjust Your Wig?

In order to adjust your wigs well, make sure you use a pepper wig strap. This can be detected b simply looking inside the wig or near the label. Most wigs will give you the following options:

  • The elastic strap is the same as bra straps. You will need to pull this in order to tighten & then release it gently to let it widen
  • Velcro straps are found on each side of your wig. You will need to connect your pieces well together, move the velcro to make it tighter & then make sure it’s loose enough to fit well.
  • Hooks will also let you adjust the wig by simply connecting your clips to your slots. The strap will get tighter as you move closer towards the tag. Going in the other direction will loosen it. Visit Here:  hiboox

How To Maintain Your Wigs?

  • Maintain the feel & look of your colored human hair wigs by washing them first with shampoo & conditioner
  • To extend its lifespan, you should wash it twice a month, especially, if you wear your wig daily.
  • Most human hair affordable wigs should be heat-free so make sure you keep them away from blow-dryers.
  • Buy the wig stand or even the mannequin head to let your wig rest.If You Need More Information Visit demotix