Filing a dog bite lawsuit in Huntington Beach: Check these pointers!

Man’s best friend can be unpredictable at times. If you have suffered a dog bite in Huntington Beach, you should know that California imposes strict liability laws on dog owners. This means that the dog owner cannot claim that they were unaware of the dog’s aggressiveness or did everything to prevent the incident from happening. Even with the laws, winning a dog bite lawsuit can be quite a battle. Thankfully, you can find numerous personal injury attorneys Huntington Beach for help. Below are a few pointers that will come in handy to pursue your case. 

  • Calm down. This could be a hard thing to do after a dog attack, but you have to maintain your composure. If you shout or try to hit the animal, it can trigger more aggressiveness. If the owner is around, ask them to get the dog into a crate. 
  • Call 911. Don’t delay in calling 911. Dog bites can cause puncture wounds, and people often have a hard time processing the shock and trauma of the attack. Even when there is no blood, you should consider seeing a doctor. 
  • Take photos. You need evidence to win a dog bite lawsuit. The human body can heal incredibly soon, so make sure that you take photos of your injuries right after the bite. You may have to press the wound to trigger bleeding, which will get rid of the bacteria. Infection at the wound site can be dangerous. 
  • Get details of the dog owner. You need to get the details and information about the dog owner. From their name and address to their contact number, you need all relevant details. If there were witnesses to the dog bite, note down their details too. 
  • Inform local authorities. You should inform local animal control or the police immediately about the incident. Even if the bite wasn’t severe, you must inform the authorities, including the health department. This is your duty and will help authorities in investigating the accident. 
  • Call a lawyer. As you may have guessed, winning a dog bite lawsuit involves considerable work. Get an attorney on your side at the earliest. Share every detail of the incident and discuss the potential worth of your claim. You don’t have to pay the lawyer until you win a settlement (called the contingency arrangement). 

Check for top dog bite lawyers in Huntington Beach now, and don’t forget to discuss the expected settlement.

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