Getting Your License Reinstated After A DUI 

One of the penalties for a DUI is getting your driver’s license suspended. Nowadays, almost everyone uses their car to travel to work or college. Therefore, if your license was suspended, chances are you would want to reinstate it as soon as possible. 

Remember that you do not automatically get your license back after the suspension period. You must take a few key steps to complete the reinstatement process before you can legally drive again. To understand more about a DUI license suspension, contact a Manchester dui defense attorney today. 

Essential steps to reinstating your driver’s license

1. Complete your suspension period. 

In a DUI charge, the judge may sentence you to a period of suspension when you would not be allowed to drive. For example, suppose you were sentenced to a 6-month suspension period. Then, you must wait for six months until you can even begin the license reinstating process. 

2. Serve your prison sentence. 

Some severe cases of DUI can result in jail time. You must fully serve your time there before beginning the reinstatement procedure if you were sentenced to prison. You cannot reinstate your license while you are in jail. 

3. Attend alcohol education and DUI courses. 

First-time DUI offenses often result in a license suspension of 60 days. However, you can reduce this sentence to 30 days by attending DUI school. These courses may last from three, nine, eighteen, and thirty months and require you to pay a fine. After completing the program, you will receive a Certificate Of Completion which is essential for your license reinstation. 

4. Get insurance. 

You need to get a special type of car insurance before you can reinstate your license. There are special policies for DUI offenders, which you can learn about by speaking to your insurance adjuster. You may also need to request an SR-22 form which is essential for proving that you have insurance. Visit this site for more information: rtsnet.

5. Pay all fees. 

Make sure you pay all kinds of court fees, fines, bail, and punitive damages, in addition to completing your suspension and prison sentence. More information visit this site: mynewsport

6. Visit the DMV. 

After completing the listed steps, you may visit the DMV to complete the necessary paperwork and apply for a new license. Along with giving a driving test and paying the DMV fees, you may also need to provide proof of your current address, insurance, and a reinstatement fee. Click here and show more information: newstheater.

After the sixth step, you will have reinstated your driver’s license. 

Being stopped by the police and getting caught with a DUI can be scary. A DUI charge can result in costly fines, license suspension, and imprisonment, all of which can impact your life significantly. Hire a lawyer who specializes in DUI convictions to represent you in court. For more information visit this site: coschedules

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