How do you create an online monogram

In their daily lives, many people will have at least one time encountered gorgeously intertwined letters. Sometimes, they are embellished with ornaments, monograms. Have you ever wondered what monograms actually mean and what’s the story of this emblem of the highest-ranking monarchs and high-ranking individuals? This article we’ll describe what a monogram can be and offer some suggestions for creating one. On the Turbologo website, you can see some examples of logos with monograms.

What is a monogram?

What exactly is an “monogram”, what is the meaning of the word? The essence of this symbol is expressed by its title, and comes from Greek roots mono – one, the letter gramma. This is why it was initially beautifully designed with a single letter that signified the name of the family or the initials of the original owner.

With time the characters were added into the design and writing of the monogram. These stood side-by-side or interspersed. They discussed family ties as well as the initial letters of the initials and names of the wife and husband, or the initials of the owner were added to the symbol. Nowadays, an emblem isn’t just made of letters. The monogram is comprised of a range of symbols, signs, and decorations.

How do you create an online monogram

Monograms can be created online for free with the help of special services. You can also make use of the monogram template for logos available from Turbologo. Here are the top services to create an identity:


This is a builder that is free to use. It is all you need to do is type in the textand choose any from the available templates. You can also select the appropriate colors. Once you have your monogram ready all you need to do is download it and then share the monogram on social media networks.


The service has 19 designs, thanks to which you’ll have the chance to design your own monogram online. You’ll need to write the initials as well as mark their location. Additionally in the process of development you can select any shade of the options provided by the company.

Monogram Design Tips

When creating a monogram, you must adhere to specific guidelines so that it doesn’t transform to a monogram. The complexities of the design is not overloaded with all sorts of interweaving and should not be overloaded with other motives. The monogram alphabet is depicted by two ways: Cyrillic or Latin. Monograms that are original and discrete are typically placed on collars and cuffs. They are typically done in black and blue colors.

What are the guidelines to adhere to when making monograms? In the first place, it is important to choose who it is designed for: a male or woman, a couple who are married or children.

Then, you are able to begin to design and simultaneously take into consideration the following aspects:

  • Monograms are read left-to-right, and starting from the top and ending at bottom.
  • It is common that men use capital letters.
  • Monograms for women, as well those designed for couples, are typically designed in capital letters. The use of calligraphic fonts is also common for these types of monograms;
  • The female monogram can consist of three letters such as the first, patronymic and the last name, they are placed in the following order: first name is small, the next letter is big last name third letter is small and patronymic.
  • When the monogram comprised consisting of two letters that represent the surname and name In this instance, the letters have to be the same size.
  • An emblem to be used by a child has to contain a single letter.

A Few More Monogram Design Tips

Find a fantastic font

This style of logo needs careful consideration of the font you select. Monograms are letters and it’s crucial to choose a font that is a reflection of the personality of your brand and connects with your customers.

What should I do to begin the process of choosing a font for my monogram? Consider these questions:

  • The name of the business can be abbreviated?
  • What is the maximum number of letters I need to use?
  • What can I do with my monogram? Where will my monogram be displayed?

If you can answer these questions, you can begin to experiment! Are you looking for an elegant, thoughtful appearance? Try cursive. Are you looking for something traditional and elegant? Check out serif fonts.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the possibilities of typefaces and even try your hand at handwriting. Take as many different options possible until you find the monogram that you like.

Bring some personality

By using a two- or three-letter monogram, you are able to change the look of the persona.

Consider the famous tennis player Roger Federer, for example. The monogram he uses for his personal branding is his initials, however certain letters are absent and our brains are left to fill in the blanks.

Monogrammes with only one letter are definitely the most difficult monograms you can make. Making a single letter strong enough to function independently isn’t an easy task but it can be achieved.

For instance, one of the most well-known logos of all timeis McDonald’s. McDonald’s logo. The”M” is the letter “M” was designed by designer Jim Schindler.

Choose your color wisely

There’s less to be more when it comes down to making monogram logos. Be sure to limit the amount of colors and make sure you use less than two colors.

Black is among the sought-after color particularly in the fashion world, since it’s flexible and minimalist. When paired with white, it’s ideal for working.

Mejuri is a jewelry brand. Mejuri has chosen to use its monogram “M”, enclosed in the black circle. The brand also has gold color variation on certain of its marketing products.

The colors blue and red are commonly employed in monogram designs as a pair or in combination with one another. While red can bring feelings of enthusiasm and power Blue conveys a sense of confidence and trust. A lot of companies choose to stick with only one color. If a company employs two colors typically, it’s the brand’s trademark colors.

Play around with layout and shape

Of course, monograms are mostly letters, however, shape plays a major part in the overall design. It is all about the position of the letters that are used within the monogram.

The most popular design is horizontal, with letters that overlap, creating the classic rectangular shape. The high-end fashion label Yves Saint Laurent has moved away from this, by putting its YSL Initials on a vertical position.

That’s all! We wish you good luck in designing your monogram!