How Does Improper Cargo Load Cause Truck Accidents

One of the major reasons for a truck accident is improper loading of cargo. You may think truck companies are sensible enough not to put their driver and vehicle at risk, but various accidents occur due to their negligence. 

Rollover and jackknife accidents are common when a truck is improperly loaded. In some cases, the cargo can spill and cause additional accidents involving other vehicles. If you or your family member has been injured due to a cargo spill or cargo shift, a Jackson, WY personal injury lawyer can assist you as they have a thorough understanding of truck drivers’ rules and regulations. 

How does improper loading cause an accident?

Making the truck too heavy by loading too much cargo or improperly loading cargo can lead to catastrophic accidents. There are certain trucking laws that state how much weight a commercial vehicle can carry, how heavy the truck can be, the combined weight of the truck, and the load and weight on each tire and axle. 

Trucking companies should adhere to these laws for the safety of the driver, vehicle, and other people on the road. When cargo becomes loose due to improper loading or the weight in the trailer becomes uneven, the truck’s body becomes unstable. 

Improperly-loaded cargo can shift or move when the truck makes turns and moves. When cargo load shifts during transit, the center of gravity of the vehicles changes, making the driver lose control of it. Such a situation increases the possibility of a truck accident or a rollover. 

Cargo must be securely loaded in the truck, especially the type of cargo that has the tendency to roll during transit. The FMCSA suggests drivers check their cargo after driving 50 miles to make sure nothing has come loose. This is especially important when they are shifting liquids. Liquids will move inside the containers during transit, and there are high chances of the fastenings becoming loose. 

How can a driver recognize a loose or improperly loaded cargo?

The driver has no part to play in cargo loading. They simply move the cargo from the pick-up point to the destination. However, there are certain signs of improperly loaded cargo that they should be able to recognize. 

  • Cargo that is improperly braced or blocked
  • Lack of edge protection when cargo could cut tie-downs
  • Weight distributed with a high center of gravity
  • Cargo that does not have header boards to prevent spilling during stops or accidents
  • Weight unevenly distributed in trailer
  • Cargo that is improperly covered


A truck accident can be among the worst experiences of your life. The extent of the force is greater due to the huge weight and velocity, which gives birth to severe injuries. If you have been injured in such an accident, you must seek justice by filing a claim. 

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