How Much You Need To Pay A Lawyer In Houston For Car Accident Claim

When there is a car accident and you know you are not at fault, it is your right to file a claim for your damages. At this time, choosing whether to hire a lawyer or not can be a big decision. With the help of a lawyer in Houston, you can be assured of a large settlement otherwise you will get only a fraction of compensation for what your case is worth. Having a lawyer on your side makes a big difference. 

If you need a professional Houston car accident attorney, get a free consultation with Husain Law Firm whose knowledgeable attorneys know how to handle any type of case. They work for you to claim the compensation that you deserve and only if you win the case, you will be paying them. When you contact them as soon as possible they educate you on how to proceed legally to get a fair settlement.

Types Of Damages


When you meet with a car accident in Houston, the injuries may be minor to major. Even if there are no symptoms in the beginning it may need medical care over time. If you think you are injured, it is best practice to go through a complete medical check-up immediately. Read More About: gopage7

Pain And Suffering

For the pain and suffering that also include mental damage, anxiety, you can seek damage. But you must know that not all states allow compensation for pain and suffering. With the help of your lawyer in Houston, you can get to know whether you can claim the same.

Lost Wages

After an accident, you may lose your earning capacity due to the injuries. You will have to spend time in hospital and there may be some other aspects that affect your work. Your lawyer can get you the deserving compensation proving that the accident has affected your ability to earn. 

Property Damage

When there is a car accident, certainly there might be damage done to your car. You need to notify the insurance company immediately about the accident and submit claims. Professional lawyers can deal with the insurance companies and get you the best compensation for the damages caused.

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Cost Of Hiring A Lawyer

A contingency fee is a common form of paying a personal injury lawyer. They are paid a percentage of settlement only if they can win the case. This percentage is typically around 33 to 40%. 

A flat fee agreement is also there where you will be paying the lawyer for the specific task they perform. For example – You will need to spend more on sending a demand letter.

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