How Smartarget Apps improve Wix websites

Client engagement and sales can be improved by readily integrating applications into websites. The software integrates with Cloudflare, Shopify, WordPress, GoDaddy, Wix, and Weebly. The software’s communication tool allows users to easily contact customers by WhatsApp, phone, email, and other methods. Smartarget is a user-friendly interface that works with any CMS.

The programme contains apps that allow users to communicate unique deals and offers to clients. Smartarget users save time by not having to bother about code maintenance or plugin updates. The application’s integration process is easy and helps users increase business productivity. Smartarget also does not charge consumers for additional server fees.

User Engagement With Smartarget

Create a mobile-friendly website that allows people to contact you by phone or Integration allows you to effortlessly contact with your clients via chat, email, phone, etc. It’s made for the WordPress community. Smartarget can also advertise bargains, discounts, and special deals.Allow your users to contact you by WhatsApp, Email, Phone, and more.


  • Allow consumers to WhatsApp you.
  • Allow consumers to message you on Facebook.
  • Allow customers to message you using Line.
  • Let customers contact you via Viber.
  • Let customers contact you using Telegram.
  • Allow WeChat customers to contact you.
  • Contact your customers via Weibo.
  • Allow customers to Skype you.
  • Allow consumers to email you.

Wix is one of the greatest pages for developing your website, and combining it with a WhatsApp Widget is a huge step forward!So many WhatsApp numbers and customer service representatives. With WhatsApp Widget, you may add as many agents as you need. Then you can add each profile to your website if you have two or more.

User Reliability and Consistency

To add a widget, you need WIX Premium. A widget is a page-based module. This improves user reliability and consistency. The Widget will always be at the same place, giving the user a consistent experience. They know they can call you at any time. The widget also allows you to have several sales and support agents.

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It’s all about the customer! That is why reliability, visual appeal, and user-friendliness are vital.

Having a live representative available for support, service, or even sales improves the user experience.It’s all about being accessible to your visitors!

By activating WhatsApp integration and using this service, you, as an authorised signatory, accept and agree to the following:

  • You accept WhatsApp Business Solution and Twilio’s conditions.
  • It will also exchange data with WhatsApp and Twilio for product compatibility.
  • Customers must opt-in before you can send them proactive notifications.
  • You acknowledge that the cost per message is subject to changes in WhatsApp and Wix Answers pricing. Overall, your cost per communication will be between $0.006 and $0.15 at this time (depending on the message type and destination).

Key advantages:

1. Use your target market’s favourite channel

Nowadays, everything is done on phones, usually via WhatsApp. Users no longer need to switch systems. The challenge is to not just be present but also provide the same level of service. Being omnichannel is key.As a result, engagement is higher and response times are faster.

2. Consumer comfort

Both the client and the service provider can use WhatsApp. Asynchronous conversations can help companies support current consumers.So clients don’t have to wait on hold for help. They can send a message and wait for a response.

3. A friendly talk

Face-to-face communication is enhanced with Wix WhatsApp.A digital communication between consumer and agent, unlike email, which can be slow and bureaucratic.Why not communicate using gifs, emojis, and memes? This will develop a personal relationship with the customer.

4. Improved service

Live chat costs $3 US per conversation, whereas instant messaging apps cost as little as $1 US.Phone support agents can help roughly 15 individuals per hour compared to WhatsApp.

That’s not all! With WhatsApp, customers save time and avoid unnecessary irritation by minimising the number of clients waiting for a representative.

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5. Robots have WhatsApp!

Many organisations use WhatsApp chatbots to automate customer service. 24 hour help is available.Customers can find out “Can I pay with my debit card?” and “How is my order?” at any time.

Final Words

Consumer behaviours and tastes are evolving, and businesses must change to keep up. Using WhatsApp for customer assistance boosts efficiency, loyalty, and long-term connections. Organizations can also be seen as innovative, compassionate, and current.