How to Find the Safest Destinations

The world is finally opening up again for global travel and there appears to be a great deal of pent-up demand among both business and leisure travelers to get back on the road.  At the same time, many people still have legitimate questions about safety and security when choosing a destination and it’s hard to find reliable, thorough data that gives a complete picture of what are the actual ground conditions in different cities around the globe. It’s important to look for objective, data derived recommendations to find open, safe, destination values. 

Vindow Inc, an online travel technology platform for groups, has announced that they are now including comprehensive destination profiles for key cities around the world in order to answer many of these questions. Another great product for destination research is from GeoSure Solutions.  The GeoSure online safety rating system provides hyper-micro safety reports for major destinations. Their safety scores deliver detailed safety information for every hotel in their database according to specific criteria, like crime statistics and safety ratings for vulnerable travel populations like women or LGBTQ+ individuals.

These are both great tools to help research your next destination before you book it. Safe travels!