Huntsville divorce: The role of an attorney explained

If you and your spouse can resolve marital matters amicably, getting a divorce in Alabama doesn’t have to be complicated. While you can file for divorce without an attorney, this may not be the wisest thing to do. Contrary to popular belief, hiring a Huntsville family law and divorce lawyer doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. So, what does an attorney do? Should you hire one? Below are some key aspects and answers worth knowing. 

Decoding the role of a divorce lawyer

It is important to understand that divorces are often complicated. Couples end up fighting on matters related to child custody, child support, alimony, and distribution of assets and debts. Friends and family members can certainly intervene, but they cannot offer sound and unbiased legal advice in most cases. That’s where a divorce lawyer can come in. 

Advising clients

Attorneys know everything about the local courts and judges. This gives them an edge as far as deciding strategy is concerned. Also, a good lawyer can advise clients on all key aspects of the divorce and the legal options available to them. It is important to understand that divorces are inherently complex and unique. The approach that may have worked for your friend’s divorce may not work for you. An attorney can assess your situation and offer a clear understanding of how the divorce will impact you financially and otherwise. 

Dealing with the mediation and a possible trial

Couples often argue about matters related to the divorce, especially when there is alimony or a minor child involved. Alabama allows for equitable distribution of assets, which doesn’t always translate into an equal share for both spouses. You need a divorce lawyer to mediate and negotiate. They can make things happen, especially if you cannot discuss things with your spouse. Most divorces are settled outside of trial, but a resolution requires considerable work. If a trial is likely, you will need a lawyer to represent your side and protect your interests. 

Managing the paperwork 

Let’s not forget the extensive paperwork that’s involved in the process. It is rather stupid to sign any documents or agreements that you don’t understand in depth. When you hire an attorney, they deal with the documentation and ensure that you don’t end up with an agreement that goes against you somehow. 

Get a lawyer soon after you decide on your divorce. The right attorney can help in sorting your concerns.