Impact of Social Networks, Digital Platforms and IM Apps on our society

The Web definitely changed our behavior, attitude, communication, interaction with others, thinking process, opinions, decision-making process, teaching and learning, which is why PPC Services have had such a huge impact on digital marketing. Internet became a fundamental and omnipresent part of our life, since it is becoming one of the main sources where we could shape our knowledge and sometimes our personality.

Ideas and information

Just because the web is available to anyone as a huge open source environment, it has positive, but also negative effects on our society. Internet gives the possibility to deliberately express our opinions, but they are not always correct and well founded; they can damage, hurt, distract and wrongly influence others behavior.

Nowadays ideas and information could be spread before verifying reliability of sources; without a critical thinking it is difficult to separate what is truthful and what is misleading. It would be necessary to operate a continuous comparison or to maintain a certain skepticism until a demonstration.

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Concluding remarks

Before analyzing the main impact of these digital tools on human beings’ behavior, we need to focus on definitions of social networks, digital platforms and Instant Messaging Apps like AajaChat Messaging App or WhatsApp App. Digital learning is definitely an opportunity, it contributes to competitiveness and efficiency of internal communication and coordination of organizations, it improves working environment and learning readiness of members or employees. In this thesis I tried to explain the originality of this new and unconventional approach.

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