Importance of Attempting Mock IAS Questions

Cracking the UPSC Exams is no mean feat. Thus any edge that can help in cracking the exam is welcome as it evens the odds of scoring a favourable rank in the IAS Examination.

Dedication and discipline, while being valuable assets, a good strategy also plays an important role in many instances. One of these assets is Mock IAS Questions which gives the necessary practice needed to hone the skills necessary to crack the exams.This article will further highlight the need of attempting mock IAS Questions

Why are mock IAS Questions crucial in UPSC Preparation?

  1. It shows your level of preparation: Attempting mock UPSC Questions will help in preparing for the twists and turns that might come your way. Thus, it will play a crucial role in enhancing your preparation and will also help you prepare better for the exam.In addition it will also help in identifying the candidates strengths and weaknesses in a timely and effective manner.
  1. Allows for Accurate UPSC preparation: Attempting IAS Questions helps the candidates in getting familiar with the general layout of the civil service examination. That way, to a limited extent of course, prepare better for the examination. Of course the UPSC Syllabus is constantly changing but past IAS questions are a reflection of past patterns which can be changed little at its core.Solving a lot of mock tests will help in improving accuracy and get the required marks needed to score big in the Prelims and Mains.
  2. Reduces nervousness and phobia: Nervousness and phobia are one of the most common reasons why candidates make mistakes that are easily avoidable. A sure fire way of easing the worst effects of phobia and nervousness is to practice IAS Mock Questions at regular intervals. It will give the candidates the feels of an actual exam once they have done enough practice questions.To a large extent, it will reduce nervousness and phobia on the day of the actual exam, making you confident enough to tackle whatever obstacles that come your way.
  3. Identifies Gaps in Preparation: Unless you don’t practice, you won’t know perfect (or not) your UPSC preparation has been.After the age old verb ‘Practice makes Perfect’ holds true here. Practicing IAS mock tests on a regular basis helps in identifying the proverbial gap that has come about in your exam preparation
  4. Helps in Time Management: In the mains segment of the UPSC Exam, written format is the norm hence a set of questions must be completed with great accuracy and in the nick of time.

Attempting mock UPSC Questions will help in enhancing the candidates time management capabilities as it helps in coming to an understanding on what type of pace is needed to complete the given questions in time. This way it reduces the possibility of answers being left unattempted in the event of a shortage of time. Keeping in mind the above factors candidates can visit the UPSC Question Paper page, to kickstart their UPSC 2021 preparation.

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