Increasing placements and improving candidate quality with recruitment software

The best recruitment software for agencies is aimed at helping recruiters produce quality work results. A robust recruitment CRM helps make the entire hiring process easier. With the right tools, recruiters can easily work smarter and better.

When it comes to recruitment, there are two big goals that every recruiter is gunning hard to win – increasing the number of candidate placements and bettering the quality of candidates. And it is only with the support of powerful recruiting tools that these goals become easy to attain.

Increasing placements

Most recruiters workpuls on a placement fee basis. That means they only get paid when they make a satisfactory placement for a company. Thus, there is pressure to find great applicants and maintain this quality if they want to increase their placements and fees.

Recruitment software helps ensure that recruiters work effectively. They help streamline and upgrade the hiring process.

There are different ways to increase the number of candidate placements.

  • Write clear, compelling job adverts

The reason why job adverts have to be clear and concise is to invite serious applicants who match the job role. The job descriptions act like a checklist- both for recruiters and candidates. This helps prevent or reduce applications from unqualified candidates.

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  • Focus on candidate engagement

Keeping in constant touch with applicants and sending updates about the application process are two key ways to boost candidate engagement. Automated recruitment software features help improve communication. It’s important to engage with skilled applicants so they do not leave for other opportunities.

  • Use skills assessment tests to filter applicants

Skills testing software provide substantial candidate assessments and test results that help determine the fit of the candidate for the role. From technical tests to psychometric skills tests that assess cognitive and behavioural abilities, these assessments are important to gauge candidate potential and suitability.

Improving candidate quality

The only way to ensure recruiters get to place more candidates and increase their fees is to consistently work towards improving the quality of candidates.

  • Be updated on talent mapping

Recruitment software helps in talent mapping which is valuable for keeping track of top talents in the market. Recruiters usually have a talent pool that they regularly use to find suitable applicants for any job role. This is kept updated. With the help of recruitment CRM, it becomes easier and more convenient to map the talent progress and remain aware of the market trends.

  • Screen candidates immediately

It is not uncommon for agencies to receive hundreds of applications for one role. It can be challenging to sift through all and decide which are the most qualified candidates from the lot. Thus, having a quick skills test right at the beginning of the application process also helps save time. This is especially useful if the vacancy is for a technical role. A quick assessment can save critical time while also supporting recruiters in their understanding of where the candidate’s skills level lies.

  • Reduce implicit bias

Unconscious bias can hinder recruiters from making the best hiring and placement decisions. It helps to utilise a good recruitment software system to fight against this. CV parsing can be done automatically via CRM software. This brings the most suitable applications to the attention of the recruiter.

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