Is a Blocked Drain an Emergency? 

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An emergency blockage of a blocked drain is certainly an emergency. It may mean that your heating system will have to be repaired, that you will have to call a plumber or electrician, or that your toilet will need to be flushed for safety reasons. But what is an emergency situation, really? 

Well, there are several things that could classify this as an emergency situation, but let’s start with the obvious – a clogged drain. Now there are a few reasons why a drain may become clogged. You could have dirt, debris, food particles, or other materials stuck in your bathroom sink drain. If this happens regularly, it is definitely not a good sign. As soon as you realize that your toilet is filling with toilet material or water, you should consult a plumber or a professional plumber to find out exactly what needs to be done. 

Now some people try to ignore their blocked drains, and hope things will “take care of themselves”. But this is not the best way to handle an emergency situation. If you simply ignore your blocked drain and allow it to run unchecked for days, you can cause serious damage to the pipe inside your home. Your home may eventually need to be evacuated because of the danger of toxic fumes and poisonous water causing health problems. If this happens, you will end up spending thousands of dollars in professional plumbing services as well as a variety of household repair and cleaning expenses. 

There are many situations that clearly qualify as an emergency situation involving blocked drains, so if you or someone in your family is experiencing any of these symptoms, don’t hesitate to contact a trusted plumber right away. Your trusted plumber can let you know exactly what the problem is and can recommend the appropriate action. For example, if you discover a crack in your toilet’s tank, the first thing the plumber will do is assess the situation and see if it is anything more than a small hole. If it is an actual break in the tank, the plumber will likely suggest replacement of the entire toilet and drain combination. 

The plumber may also recommend the use of chemical-free drain cleaning agents that can help get rid of odors and soften the accumulated debris. These chemicals can usually dissolve any amount of stubborn buildup and debris, making it easier to remove completely. It’s not unusual to find that even large tree roots and accumulated garbage can be removed with the proper tools and techniques. If this doesn’t solve the problem, however, the plumber can install new drain pipes to clear up the drainage issue. Newer drains can be installed using metal or plastic pipes that won’t corrode over time, and the plumber can dispose of old drain clogs using advanced sewer strain-loom technology.  

Another sign of an emergency is a noticeable change in the water pressure at your main sewer line. This can indicate a broken sewer line that’s causing the water pressure to fluctuate, causing a partially blocked drain. Again, depending on the severity of the problem, a plumber can either repair the busted pipe or give you advice on how to properly fix the problem. In the case of a broken drain line, a plumber can replace the main sewer line with a new one, relieving you of the emergency drain repair bill. 

If your bathtub or shower drain is clogged, there are several things that you can do to unclog it. Most of the time, a clog occurs in the shower drain, which flows from the shower head down into the drain. To unclog it, simply turn the shower fixture away from the water source, allowing the water to drain itself naturally. If the fixture is attached to the plumbing, simply open the clogging

door and use a plunger or specialized tool to unclog the drain. 

When you’re faced with this question, there is no easy answer. Every situation is different, and calling a plumber for drain maintenance should be done only when you really need professional help. But if you know a blocked drain is likely to occur, like when there’s an unforeseen leak in the plumbing, then you should call a local plumbing service as soon as possible. A plumber can find the source of the leak and make repairs to prevent more damage from occurring. And when you have a toilet or bathroom drain emergency, don’t hesitate to call a professional plumber for emergency drain repair services.

If you are looking for a professional plumber who can work on a blocked drain in Canberra, the internet has a lot of reliable information. Choose companies who have a lot of experience and knowledge. You can determine which companies stand apart from the rest based on reviews from other customers. These are important so don’t skip over them.