John’s wish: to drive in a tank of the army

John, an eight-year-old boy, has had his heart’s wish granted! Nothing made him happier than riding in an actual army tank! That’s awesome! John is up and ready first thing in the morning! Suddenly, he hears a heavy sound…what could it be? He comes outdoors, full of expectations, and what does he find standing there…a genuine tank! Make-A-Wish made his wish come true.

John doesn’t waste any time and climbs inside. Everything is thoroughly examined, and everything is, ofcourse, permitted to be tested out. What a fantastic idea! This dream fulfillment can’t possibly go wrong.


John gets ready early in the morning, ofcourse with the help of his parents. What will occur today? They are quite excited about it! They both changed into their new army uniforms. Then they hear something, a heavy sound, and they wonder what it may be. Expectations are high.

When John comes up to the front door, there he is…a genuine tank! Dennis and Patrick from the barracks are ready to tour you around the tank from the inside. John does not pause for a second…he climbs inside, naturally followed by mum and dad. Everything is examined from the inside out, and everything, ofcourse, may be tested. What a fantastic idea!

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Then his grandparents wave him off because they can climb onto the tank and be brought to the barracks. Ofcourse, there are several motorcycles on the highway for a laugh, so they pursue them with the machine gun on top.

Ofcourse, no gunfire occurs, but the bikers are quite pleased!

Time for a tank

When they arrive at the barracks, they are greeted with a lovely cake. John is told all he needs to know about becoming a soldier: a sleeping bag, a hefty backpack, camouflage make-up, everything gets tried out!

They can then browse through the armory. A large number of men and women are scrubbing their weapons. From all sides, John is able to see and handle genuine weapons, as well as night-vision goggles. John prepares by practicing beforehand.

John is transported to the shooting simulator in the tank. And, under supervision, they shoot with actual guns from WII. A popular game is one in which chickens can be shot. They are obsessed with the shooting simulator.

Wish Impact

The guys were starving, so they walked to the dining area, where the highest-ranking officer in the camp awaited them. And he is ecstatic about John’s special visit.

Following the delectable lunch, John is permitted to drive about the training grounds in various army vehicles. They begin with the tank, but other vehicles are also utilized. While driving, an Air Force Apache flies nearby. And, as if that wasn’t enough, John’s genuine dream is granted: he gets to drive a tank! It’s an actual tank chassis, and John can’t get enough of it; this was fantastic!

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Wish Impact.

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