Katerina Bosov: why you shouldn’t dream of an inheritance…

Those who have not dealt with inheritance issues probably do not know that along with property and assets, heirs also receive obligations and even problems of the deceased. This happened to the infamous business lady Katerina Bosov.

In 2016, she married billionaire Dmitry Bosov. At that time, Katerina already had extensive experience managing companies: she was a member of the Board of Directors of General Nutrition Corporation in Russia (food supplements and sports nutrition). Also, she held the position of Deputy General Director for Investor Relations at Modny Continent OJSC. Her career developed mainly due to the determination and perseverance Katerina approached her studies at Moscow State Law Academy. These qualities, allowed her to work in her specialty from the first year and to accompany the transactions of large companies in the fourth. One of such successful transactions with the participation of Sigrun brought Bosov an invitation to the INCITY trademark, the brand under which fashionable clothes were produced in the Fashion Continent (the family business of the head of Sigrun).

In marriage, Dmitry took advantage of the managerial experience of his young wife and invited her to take up logistics in his company Sibanthracite. It was the largest company producing anthracite, high-quality metallurgical coal. In a relatively short time, Katerina was able to refuse the services of third-party logistics companies and establish logistics within the group of companies, for which Bosov put her at the head of Sibanthracite Logistic LLC. Katerina had to delve into all the intricacies of the coal mining industry, and having figured this out, a year later, she became the commercial director of Sibanthracite.

The Bosovs ran a business together. After some time, they decided to open a fund in the United States that attracted money from investors. But the fund was not destined to exist for long, it went bankrupt, and investors began to file lawsuits for the return of invested funds.

The suicide of Dmitry Bosov overshadowed the situation as the primary defendant. There has been a lot of talk around his death for two years now, and there are more questions than answers; an investigation is underway. But most of all, the disagreements are connected with the inheritance of his property. Until the investigation is completed, all assets are under judicial arrest, the movement of accounts is frozen, and the foreign house donated by Bosov to his newborn daughter from his marriage to Katerina has also been seized. The California court also initiated the seizure because the case on the return of funds to the fund’s investors in the United States has not been completed; the initial amount of claims is $ 120 million. Still, in the process of lengthy litigation and the discovery of new facts, this amount can be increased up to $ 1 billion.

Katerina Bosov, as one of the heirs of her husband’s property and the owner of shares in his business, took over the management of her husband’s companies. However, numerous relatives of Dmitry, including his first two wives and sons, believe that the young widow does not deserve such a part of the inheritance and are actively fighting for their hereditary rights, which, in their opinion, have been violated. Endless lawsuits haunt Katerina Bosov, and she is forced to defend herself, file counterclaims, and fend off the pressure of the media, which actively covers all disagreements. Katerina Bosov has left the United States to avoid even more stress and questions. But the investigation continues and will most likely confiscate all the seized property to pay off the debt to investors.

Therefore, there is no need to talk about success or happiness from receiving the inheritance of the late billionaire Bosov. Anyone who inherits even the smallest part of it simultaneously acquires financial and legal difficulties, as well as a greater likelihood of being left with nothing at all.