Kids’ Learning Tablets – Android vs Apple vs Kindle…

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Tablets have gained huge popularity in recent years, primarily because they are cheaper than laptops and have a longer battery life, plus they are fantastic for keeping kids entertained on flights or long car trips. On top of this, there are loads of educational games available to download for free, which makes them useful learning tools as well.

But which one do you choose? There are so many different brands and options, so how do you know which is best? In this article we will discuss some of the main differences between the Android, Apple and Amazon tablets on the market so you can make an informed decision about which is best for you.


Apple has been the leader in tablets for a long time. Their iPads are easy to use with a great operating system. The app store offers lots of free games which is also a huge bonus; however, the downside of Apple is that the devices are expensive to begin with.

They retain value well, meaning if you come to resell it and upgrade later, you’re still going to get a good price for it. With that being said, the iPad is outside a lot of budgets, and you may not want to hand your kids such an expensive piece of kit knowing it could potentially get broken.

Apple also is limited in terms of accessories, and their chargers, headphones and other items are also pricey.


Android tablets are not only made by one manufacturer like the iPad or Kindle, which means they have a huge range of devices using their software. This is both a positive and a negative thing. On the one hand, it means you are able to get a good range in pricing and also cheap accessories, but on the other, it does mean there are a lot of cheap imports flooding the market, and they sometimes do not run the software well, creating a slow, clunky user experience.

Be sure to purchase from a reputable dealer when buying an android to avoid this. A good option would be a Lenovo kids learning tablet as they have a large range of android tablets available at varying budget and specifications.

The Google Play Store has some great free apps and games available, but the developers’ coding is not vetted in the same way as it is in the Apple store. As a result, android devices can be prone to bugs in comparison to Apple devices. They are, however, budget and child friendly and have a lot to offer.

Kindle Fire

Kindle was originally designed as a device to read on, and over time it has developed into a tablet which is comparable to an android device. It uses the Fire operating system which, while it is Amazon’s own system, is essentially based on the Android operating system, and feels very similar when you use it.

Kindle has slightly fewer games available, and they have been quite clever in tying you to their own brand in terms of accessories, although they do have more compatibility than Apple.

Finding the right learning tablet is as much about personal preference as it is about budget and specification. In most cases, Android is a sensible choice for a children’s tablet as it is less costly if broken, but we know there are some Amazon/Apple fans out there who won’t use anything else!

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