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skin lifting

Skin that used to be firm over time, firm and wrinkle-free, used to be healthy skin. become sensitive skin, sensitive skin begins to lose elasticity and gradually sagging by gravity It is a fact that everyone is inevitable. But we can slow down the aging of the skin. Starting from using a good quality cleansing foam โฟมล้างหน้า

Wrinkles that increase with age and sun exposure Will affect the skin layer, including connective tissue, collagen type in the dermis layer. and the fascia layer that is responsible for supporting the skin layer to be firm does not sag down by gravity, deteriorates

It will start from shallow wrinkles, deep wrinkles, as well as sagging skin. If you try to easily observe from the face of people over the age of 40, the eyelids or cheeks will begin to sag. As a result, the cheek grooves look deeper. In addition, there is a deterioration and collapse of the skin layer, causing atrophy of the skin layer. From the cute cheeks in adolescence, it will answer the problem of sagging skin. can also be found in other cases In addition to the deterioration of the skin from increasing age, such as after weight loss, after childbirth

If we can accept the fact that it is firm, firm, without wrinkles, it can happen. Even if the wrong cleaning is good Use a cleansing foam โฟมล้างหน้า But still have this problem. and if you don’t worry about what’s going on and are happy with their beauty and age There is no need to modify it. But if you want to adjust or fix yourself better It is recommended to choose a standardized treatment method. and does not exceed the budget that we have according to the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy

standardized treatment

1. Innovations in laser, radiofrequency (RF) or high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) for less sagging skin.

– Radio waves: divided according to the working principle of 2 types: monopolar type and bipolar type, which the monopole type has a deeper effect than the 2-pole type or may use focused ultrasound waves. (Focus UItrasound) to lift and tighten sagging skin and lack of flexibility as well as stimulate The creation of new collagen as well.

  • Treatment result : during and after treatment There will be moderate pain, even if an anesthetic is applied before treatment. Because it can be treated deep into the skin layer or the fascia layer under the skin, causing the skin to shrink and lift up. This will see a clear treatment effect and last longer than treatment in the superficial layer. And of course, the cost of treatment is higher as well. however No innovation is permanent.

– Laser treatment : can be divided into 2 types according to the nature after treatment, which are those with wounds or scabs (Ablative) and those without wounds or scabs. (Non-ablative), therefore, should choose tools and Hospitals that meet the standards for maximum benefits And it’s worth the money spent.

  • Treatment effect : If applied anesthetic before treatment, it will rarely hurt. Because it is a treatment that does not go down deep into the subcutaneous membrane Therefore, only superficial wrinkles can be treated, which does not help tighten the skin.

2. Skin lifting surgery For very sagging skin

Should consult a doctor with a certificate of plastic surgery. Diploma of the Thai Medical Council which passed the training according to the Medical Council’s standard In some cases, surgery may not be needed for cosmetic lifting. Or slow down aging, but it is done to have a better quality of life, such as the skin around the upper eyelid sagging until it covers the vision. resulting in having to look up When looking at objects in the lower part of the visual field (Visual Field)

non-standard treatment

  1. Hundred threads because there is no medical evidence. Let’s certify that it’s really effective and safe. It can also cause side effects, including dermatitis, itching, infection, red scars and fibrosis, resulting in rough, uneven skin that can be noticed on palpation. or if there is a lot of fascia, it can be seen with the naked eye these complications Still can not be treated or corrected to return to normal. As for the good outcome, it is unclear.

a feeling of tightness in the skin Often found only in the early stages which is a temporary reaction according to the normal mechanisms of the body in response to foreign bodies So why do we have to remove our skin? Take the risk of side effects that will occur. This may be a permanent loss as we only have one face. Think carefully before making a decision.

  1. Skin care products Skin care products that can not be absorbed through the skin. Can go down to the bottom layer of the dermis that is deep Even if using a facial massage to help, so if claiming that type of cream This type of serum lifts and tightens the skin. It is very difficult to replace laser or cosmetic surgery.

However, it is important to keep in mind that budget we have And the cost of treatment for anti-aging beauty treatment is too much or not? and most importantly Accepting the truth, being happy, looking good from the inside out When you trust and think positively, you will be happy, bright, beautiful and age-appropriate in every moment of your life.


  • Receive standardized treatment.
  • Protect the sun properly. In the case of exposure to sunlight
  • If you want to eat dietary supplements, choose inexpensive, safe and reliable.

Note: If the body has received complete nutrients Food supplements that you eat must be eliminated from the body anyway. and eating collagen supplements It has the same benefits as eating protein from meat. But they are much more expensive. when eaten These collagen will go into the process of digestion and absorption. according to the normal mechanisms of the body as before does not run straight from the intestines to lie in line with the skin Make the skin tighter or fix wrinkles directly in any way. Even if you choose to eat collagen that has been partially digested (Hydrolyzed collagen)


  • Thread lifting because it is not a standard treatment.


facial massage helps Can it really lift and tighten the skin?


It’s not true because of the facial massage. Did not cause changes in the deep skin layer and the subcutaneous fascia. So I can’t lift it up.

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