Mattress: The Key Element For A Relaxed Sleep

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Sleep is the major contributor to good health. Lack of sleep interrupts not only mental health but also develops high blood pressure and heart diseases. A Wakefit mattress is the key element to provide comfort along with good posture and alignment. A good mattress should help you get better sleep to increase productivity and performance. Good sleep increases concentration and reduces other mental stress issues like depression. In order to choose the best mattress, the primary feature is, it must be at least 15 centimetres longer than the height of the user. This makes it a necessity to try the mattress and then make the purchase. While buying the mattress online, analyse the specifications of it thoroughly with the help of reviews and feedback. The second-best vital criteria to look into is to test the rolling over. If it is creating discomfort on the hips, joints or shoulders with firmness, then it is not the ideal bedding.

Types Of Mattresses

The most commonly available mattress in the commercial markets is mentioned below. They are:

  • Open coil mattress: This mattress is manufactured using pocket springs and is more durable when compared to the other beddings. On every toss and turn, the springs move as a single unit, which is not very comfortable when sleeping with a partner. But these are the most affordable mattresses widely preferred due to the budget criteria that suit everyone.
  • Memory foam mattress: This mattress combines various layers of memory foam with springs and supportive foams. It makes use of the body heat and softens to take the shape of the body. On removal of body weight and pressure, these beds go back to their original shape and form. The disadvantage of this mattress is that it is seen to feel hot for a few users depending on their body conditions.
  • Latex foam mattress: This mattress is very durable with the highest life span as they are made of breathable materials that prevent overheating. The latex foam mattress offers a solid feel to anybody using them and works best for people prone to allergies and dust.
  • Spring foam mattress: These mattresses are bouncier than the memory foam mattress and are made of coils and springs to provide maximum comfort. At times they are customised to have two sides of different firmness. They are seen to reduce body pains effectively. These are the best when two people of varying body weights want to share the same bed as there are numerous separate springs. These constructions allow better air circulation, and these mattresses can be customised to any tension levels like soft, medium or firm.
  • Orthopaedic mattress: This is specially designed for people who suffer from back and joint aches as they offer proper support and helps to reduce pain.

What Are The Essential Features In An Ideal Mattress?

A mattress is a large cushion that adds support to the back while sleeping. There are various types of beds, which provide different levels of comfort and affect the sleep pattern in a particular manner. Some of them are also seen to relieve backache and other health issues by positively impacting one’s health with regular use. So, there are some essential features to look out for, which are:

  • Body aches: A suitable mattress must not be too soft or firm as it will either aggravate the current health condition or bring about problems related to both the spine and joints. A memory foam mattress is the best choice for people who already have health problems as they redistribute the bodyweight evenly while sleeping, thereby reducing back and joint aches tremendously. And this mattress is one of its kind that does not induce any extra pressure on the body parts.
  • Aids good posture: The best bedding must offer good posture and align the body accordingly. Again, a memory foam mattress is seen to perform this job efficiently by minimising the gap between the body and the mattress. This bed is seen to offer the best excellent posture support compared to other mattresses in the market. This improves the quality of sleep simultaneously.
  • Reduces stress: Sleeping on the most comfortable mattress will make a person feel tension free as it combats the unnecessary pressures and mental strains. Sleeping will also have an effect on various cognitive functions with the best mattress sizes. Hence a bed that decreases the stress levels will bestow good benefits on the user’s health.
  • Comfort: Sleep is the only way the body can recover and heal from the whole day’s busy chores and routines. So, the most comfortable mattress, like a king size mattress, is the one that no one should compromise on to match their needs and experience maximum relief amidst all the tossing and turning. A good bed will not interrupt sleep at any point and provide a peaceful and good night’s sleep.
  • Resistant to external factors: Another critical aspect of a good mattress is exposure to all the allergens, dust, and mites. Therefore, the anti-allergic feature is a must factor that will help the bed resist any damage and contribute to a good sleeping pattern. So, in order to sleep peacefully, a person’s exposure to these external factors must be drastically reduced or prevented.

The types of mattresses and the essential features are discussed above, but there are few more simple hacks while buying a bed.  Do not carry the mattress shopping to the end of the day as all that you see may look comfortable after the hectic morning hours. Sleeping position is also seen to change the effect of the mattress on an individual, and these clearly state that firm mattresses are best suited for back and stomach sleepers. Highly soft bedding with extra plush layers is best to soothe the pressure points in the body. The bedtime routines are also essential to be addressed, and everyone should keep this fact in mind that what works for one person might not work for the other one, so go by your individual choice. By visiting this site you can know this about