Philadelphia Brain Injury Attorney: Get Compensation for Long-Term or Life-Long Brain Injury

Litigating traumatic brain injury cases can be challenging. A TBI can present mild to serious symptoms. To prove that your brain injury and the symptoms resulted from another party’s negligence requires the expertise of a Philadelphia brain injury attorney who will aggressively fight against insurance giants.  A good lawyer will take the time to understand the full impacts of your injury on you and your family. They will use their experience to pursue fair and full compensation for the life-long care you may need due to a serious TBI. 

How a Brain Injury Can Occur

To pursue compensation for a TBI, you should establish liability by determining the negligent party. TBIs are common in car accidents, slip and fall accidents, truck accidents, and sports-related accidents. Your lawyer will investigate the cause of your TBI, so they can pursue compensation from the negligent party. 

Impacts of a Brain Injury

Your brain is a complex body organ and injuries to it can vary in severity. Because of this, it can be hard to predict the impacts of a brain injury on you and its recovery time. Generally, an injury to the brain can affect your cognitive function, sensation, language, and emotion. 

A serious brain injury may leave you unable to care for yourself, earn an income temporarily or permanently, and provide for your family. Apart from the physical and psychological challenges that a brain injury can bring, a financial burden can be placed on you and your family.

What a Brain Injury Can Do for You

An experienced lawyer who specializes in brain injury cases knows to negotiate a fair settlement with the negligent party or their insurer. They know how much you deserve for your injury and won’t settle for less than you need and deserve. Also, your attorney can help make smart decisions by analyzing your unique situation and advising you about your options. They will counsel you on the best course of action, depending on the complexity of your case. 

In addition, your lawyer can help you get reimbursement quickly. They can file a claim for you while you focus on your recovery. Because of their familiarity with similar cases, they can effectively overcome setbacks and help you get fair compensation sooner than later. By collecting important evidence and working with expert witnesses, your lawyer can build a strong case that will prevail either in settlement negotiations or at trial. Insurance providers may take your case seriously if they know you are represented by an experienced attorney.

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