Phonics, Sight Words, and Inventive Spelling

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Much like when kids learn to read, as they learn to write there are a whole lot of things going on simultaneously. The next step in the writing process isn’t actually a step at all; it’s a series of learning experiences, the first of which is learning about sight words. From the very first day of kindergarten your child will be introduced to the concept of sight words, words that he’ll gradually be expected to recognize every time he sees them, which is different from learning to sound them out.

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Still, there will be words your child isn’t able to spell and write correctly, which is where phonics and inventive spelling come in. Though they are similar concepts, they’re not quite the same. Phonics relies on your child having the ability to match letters to their sounds and is used as a technique to teach reading. Inventive spelling is a similar process, but in writing. Though his sentences may look indecipherable to you, if your child is using his ability to put sounds together to sound out words and assign letters to them, he’s writing.

What is inventive spelling?

Inventive spelling is a technique used when kids are just starting to write. Basically, inventive spelling allows kids to write the sounds they hear when they say a word out loud. It makes for some strange spellings of words, but encourages kids to write without anxiety about “being right.”

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