Popular Poker Pro Players From Japan

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I think poker games most certainly aren’t the main thing that rings a bell when you contemplate Japan. The nation offers various vocation openings, and individuals generally have fantastic, hard-working attitudes, so poker isn’t the top decision to call or even as a side interest.

As of not long ago, coordinated betting was illicit in this country. This has as of late changed, so Japan should see its initial not many casinos not long from now.

Regardless of the entirety of this, the nation has delivered a few incredible poker players. While those fixing Japan’s Untouched Cash Rundown might not have a similar noteworthy resume as specific names from the US or European nations, they’ve indeed found real success. So lets find out the ポーカー プロ in the poker games.


Kagawa’s outcomes alone weren’t what acquired him reputation locally NVG poker discussion, however. The Japanese professional was engaged with a few significant embarrassments, remembering the one for 2013 that prompted his capture.

In particular, Kagawa was one of nine individuals captured under the doubt of running an Android malware ring just as an intricate trick conspire, including dating sites.

It was assessed the gathering acquired near $4 million from the trick activity that gathered and sold clients’ private information.

It’s dubious what occurred after the capture and in case Kagawa was indicted. Notwithstanding, he hasn’t played in any authoritatively followed competitions since 2013, which suggests he’s busy.


€25,000 EPT Prague Hotshot occasion, stashing €191,840 for his fantastic exhibition in the competition.

The Japanese expert was getting ready for the following year; however, in 2019, he figured out how to post his two most remarkable professional changes out to date.

To start with, in August, when he completed fifth in the €100,000 EPT Barcelona Very Hotshot occasion, bringing home barely short of €500,000, and afterward indeed in Prague, yet this time in the Headliner.

Precisely a year after his large runner-up finish, Tsugunari Toma was back in Prague and hoping to develop his outcome – and further developed he had.

In the opposition of more than 250 top poker players, the Japanese ace figured out how to be the sole survivor, winning the esteemed €10,300 Headliner and procuring €523,120 simultaneously.


His most excellent money to date came from the success in the 2018 EPT Prague €25,000 hotshot. He needed to confront intense rivalry at the last table to guarantee the primary spot, including the notable Portuguese professional Joao Vieira and the US smasher David Peters. The last at present involves the seventh situation on the worldwide cash list with above and beyond $33 million in competition income. He is now considered as one of the best ポーカープロ In the poker games.

Undaunted, Kazuhiko Yotsushika carried his A-game to the table and figured out how to catch the triumph worth €370,000.

This success, joined with the series of other six and five-figure scores tracing back to 2014, carries his total income to more than $1.6 million, placing him in runner-up on the nation’s Unequaled Cash list.

Yotsushika presumably took in a ton from poker guides for Japanese players, so you should also take a look at it if you are conversant in this language.


Takashi’s ideal and most outstanding outcomes came from his exhibitions in the Asia Pacific Poker Visit, remembering the success for the 2018 single hot shot occasion useful for $350,000 and the third-place finish in the 2016 APPT Headliner worth more than $177,000.


Nonetheless, this was only the start of the Japanese rising star. Yuri Ishida has had numerous prominent outcomes throughout not many years, carrying her total professional income to more than $500,000.

This may not appear to be a great deal. However, it’s a genuinely fantastic outcome given that she’s been playing in moderately little competitions, and her most excellent single money to date was for $41,600.