Reasons Why E-Commerce Sites Need Unique Product Descriptions

1) Unique content is the only way to add more value to your product

Well-written and engaging product descriptions can do a lot. They provide detailed information about the product, its advantages and different ways on how to make it work better for someone’s needs. That’s exactly why professional copywriters should be hired in order to get unique and engaging descriptions. Someone who would go beyond the regular specifications and features of an item and explain what is so good about it in a very persuasive manner.

2) Many items look alike but they serve different purposes

Many ecommerce sites offer thousands of products that look alike but serve different purposes or perform differently (for example: clothing). Using such generic descriptions makes it for someone looking for something specific since they could get stuck with the wrong item. Besides that, if someone would like to share a product or link from their website, they will have a hard time finding a reputable source if a generic description is used. Describing products in detail and providing accurate details about them may seem like a lot of work but it’s well worth the effort .

3) Unique content gives an impression of originality

To begin with, people love uniqueness and novelty which is why using unique content when describing products helps establish an impression that the seller offers something fresh and new on the market. Who would want to go to another site where descriptions are just recycled? It just makes sense not to waste one’s time looking for what you need when all you can find is information you already know.

4) Unique product descriptions provide the right keywords and phrases

Targeted keywords and key phrases used in product descriptions can help with search engine optimization (SEO) which will result in more visits to your ecommerce store, more leads, better conversion rate , etc. Keywords are very important for properly optimising each page of a site . And, having unique content that follows SEO rules would be ideal.

5) Content used should be pleasing to read

If someone is looking for specific information about something they want to purchase but instead finds long paragraphs written in difficult words – it’s likely that they will abandon the website or page where this appears. That means lost opportunities . So, use plain English when writing articles since it helps visitors understand what you are talking about and make it easier to read.

6) Unique product descriptions build trust between a store and its audience

People like unique things because they make them feel special. They want something new, fresh and exciting rather than something that looks as if everyone else is using it. When someone has unique product descriptions, other people who would go to their site or social media page will see that things look promising . People sense authenticity and uniqueness therefore making sure content is unique is the only way to establish trust.

7) Use our own ‘voice’ when writing

Apart from providing specific information about products, don’t forget to use your voice when describing them . Owning an ecommerce store doesn’t mean everything must sound the same. Each person who would go to your site should be able to see that the copywriter behind the product descriptions is a different one, not a robot or a machine. So, use expressions and words in product descriptions that you would use when talking with someone face-to-face . Here’s a short guide on how to sound like yourself in writing .

8) Content must always be relevant

Make sure content is accurate and relevant to what it’s supposed to describe. If need be, hire people who are experienced in doing research regarding particular products. With this approach you will make sure information is consistent across all pages of your ecommerce store which means there’s no room for errors . And, using targeted keywords within unique content will help SEO efforts.

9) Unique product descriptions are the perfect place to provide FAQs

Since people who would go to your website are mostly interested in reading information about products, having an area where you could answer questions is highly recommended . If you want to make sure all of your bases are covered, include frequently asked questions (FAQs) within unique content that you write. The good thing about this is that it helps establish a dialogue with readers, building trust and relationships with them which will also help conversions. If you want to save yourself from all the hassle contact a Google Ads Ecommerce Agency today!

10) Content must be reviewed by many eyes before being published  

Writing unique content is not an easy task therefore writing articles after someone else has looked over them makes sense . It’s best to have other writers take a look at what you’ve written in order to make sure it’s easily understood by a specific audience. In this way, you can catch errors and mistakes before sharing them with your audience .

11) Unique product descriptions help with usability

Including keywords in content makes it easier for site visitors to find what they are looking for. This results with an improved ecommerce store usability which means more leads resulting from better conversion rates . Make sure customer experience is at its best by using tools that help create unique product descriptions.

12) Content must reflect brand personality

Having unique content doesn’t mean everything should sound the same. Each page on a website or social media page should have a different voice behind it even if it’s just a little bit different. This helps build trust since readers know that they are always getting new and fresh information. This is a must if you want your ecommerce store to stand out from the rest.