Reasons Why PDFs and their Editing Tools are Essential- For Work and School

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PDF(Portable Document Format) files are the most widely used file format. It is because of the numerous advantages it provides over other document formats.

PDF files or PDFs are universal and work on every platform like Windows, Mac, and Android. While transferring files across devices and operating systems, there is always a chance of losing the document formatting. PDFs keep the data (text, photos, and hyperlinks) in their original format and quality.

The file size reduces when other file type gets converted into PDF format. It saves storage. 

One can view and edit PDF on mobile without worrying about the text alignment and formatting in the document. PDF is much more convenient to share. Its format also aids in making the page readable even when zoomed in on a device.

Assists in Digital Notetaking

One can create digital notes without using paper by using PDF editing tools. Just scan the pages directly with Optical Character Recognition or take photos and utilize them in a PDF file.

It saves time and paper and makes creating notes as quick as taking a pen and paper. It is easier and cleaner to create and store them in this way instead of doing it on paper. The digital note can then be printed or placed on any device that can read PDF files. 


Files in .pdf format can be encrypted with a password to avoid unauthorized access to these documents. To read the document user needs to enter a password for decryption. 

Encryption presents an added security measure. Hence it is safe to keep personal government IDs and contractual documents as a PDF. It is advisable to encrypt important documents before transmitting them through a less secured path. It is a great point to keep in mind if you share sensitive information with another person online.

Easy to Edit and Export

PDF edit tools can help to import and export files of various formats. You can convert PDF to Word files and vice versa. You can also create a word file by converting PDF to Word. There are several such editors that you can use to convert PDFs to other different formats.

PDF edit tools also allow you to add new pages, text, and images to existing PDFs. You can also move, rename, or delete files from your PDFs without losing the content.

Collaborative Team Working

PDF editors allow editing PDFs collaboratively. It increases working efficiency as other users can simultaneously track the changes.

It also allows users to add comments on the document to add extra layers of information. It is helpful when making a legal document. The PDF creator also permits users to create interactive documents, like a table of contents or index, and the user can navigate the file depending on their needs.

Reliable in Business

PDF keeps the same graphic quality as it is. The editing tools allow the addition of watermarks to avoid copyright issues and signatures to maintain authenticity. Adding a signature restricts the users from doing any modification.