Remodeling of the Core Business Concepts


We as travelers are changing the way we travel, and brands clearly are taking note of it. Checking off must-see lists & taking selfies is very passé, travelers are opting for the actual experiences that every city in the world has to offer. This right here is what Airbnb is all about. Airbnb urges you to actually live like a local when you visit your dream destination.


To understand that there is a revolutionary change in the concepts over which the businesses are evolving. To study the new trend in market  Understanding that customer needs are of paramount obligation. And to understand working of a company which is presently doing exceptionally great in its field.


Any idea may it be trivial or one of its kind, if strategized and seasoned can be a revolution in itself


This study was purely restricted to service industry.Moreover thetotal customer view were based on normal question answer session . This was majorly focused only on AirBnB

Business Concept

Just like Uber, Airbnb utilizes a platform business concept. This means they facilitate the exchange between consumers (travelers) and producers (homeowners). Because the consumers aren’t Airbnb “employees,” and because there’s practically an infinite number of homes that could potentially go up on the site, Airbnb can scale at an incredibly fast rate at zero marginal cost.