Seeking Compensation for Catastrophic Injuries that Includes Future Damages

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Catastrophic injuries are costly and can significantly change the life of the sufferer for years or permanently. If a catastrophic accident results from the negligence of another party, an experienced injury attorney can help the victim understand the damages available in their case. Also, the lawyer can give answers to personal injury questions that the victim may have in mind. 

The damages that accident victims may be able to recover through a personal injury claim include medical costs, pain and suffering, and lost wages. However, in catastrophic injury cases, victims may be able to recover more damages to cover their future losses. A lawyer can show the estimated future damages of the victim.

Kinds of Future Damages for Catastrophic Injuries

Often, catastrophic injuries will require life-long medical care. Although calculating the medical bills of the injured party is easy, estimating their future medical costs can be complicated. Also, catastrophic injuries can render the victim unable to work for many years either in their field or any field. A lawyer can help advocate for their right to secure compensation that covers their diminished earning capacity and future lost earnings. 

Calculating Future Damages

Usually, the injured party and their attorney should depend on medical professionals to give testimonies on the amount the victim can pay in future medical bills. If the victim cannot go to work again in their field after sustaining a catastrophic injury, vocational experts can determine the amount of money they will miss out on because of the injury. Also, lifecare planners can help establish future losses that include lifestyle adjustments and needs as well as medical costs. 

What an Attorney Can Do

Those who have sustained severe injuries and think another party is responsible for their injuries must consult a personal injury attorney. The lawyer can help determine the future damages they may be able to recover for their catastrophic injury. A skilled attorney can deal with insurance providers for them and ensure their case is documented for past and future losses. 

The best attorney to work with has extensive experience in handling the kind of accident and injury the victim suffers from. They will advise victims against communicating with the insurance company or giving recorded statements. The reason is that the victim can fall into the trap made by the insurer and end up ruining their case. Insurance companies will use the statements of the victim against the latter to try to devalue or deny their claim.