Starting your dental practice in Los Angeles: A quick guide

After a few years of clinical experience, you are ready to start your dental practice in Los Angeles. There are many aspects to consider – location, lease, equipping the office, and completing all the necessary paperwork in between. Typically, it can take a year or more before you start practicing in your own clinic. Your best bet to get started is to consult a Los Angeles healthcare attorney to understand the process. Here are the key steps you need to follow. 

Create your vision

Make a blueprint of what you want to do with your new practice, the patients you would want to treat, how you expect patients to find your practice, your financial goals, and so on. If you have a vision board, achieving milestones would be a lot easier. 

Make your financial plan

Starting a dental practice requires considerable money in California. You need to come up with a financial plan and find healthcare lenders. You can expect to get up to 100% of your financing needs, but make sure that you have realistic expectations because you have to repay the loan. Talk to experts, if required, to understand how you can keep the borrowing on the lower side.  

Find your dream team

You need your team of Avengers to start a dental practice – quite literally. Start with a real estate agent, who would help you find a suitable location. Next, you need to find a v dental attorney who will help with the initial documents, lease agreements, and related paperwork. You would also need a CPA to handle taxes, payroll, and bookkeeping, while a team of financial advisors can help you plan your expenditure right. You will also need people to get your plan in action, and the list includes contractors, designers, marketing experts, and a team for overseeing the work.

Consult a dental attorney first

Because the healthcare sector is subject to scrutiny, keeping up with compliance is not something you can mess around with. In fact, if you talk to the right dental attorney, they can help you find most of the other contacts you need to get started. Hiring an attorney gives you the time to focus on other things, and you can be assured that your paperwork doesn’t have errors that could impact your practice. 

Most dental attorneys in LA offer a free initial consultation and charge an hourly rate, which is a great advantage. 

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