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Build a tropical house style

Hot countries…to very hot The most frequently asked questions for people who like to build a house รับสร้างบ้านหรู and decorate their homes are inevitable. How to decorate the house to make it as hot as possible How to stay at home comfortably or how to decorate the house to be livable and suitable for the weather

Nowadays, there is one popular style of building a house สร้างบ้านหรู. Because answering the above questions completely It also has a stylish design. Captivating the new generation that is composing Modern tropical house

Modern is modernity while Tropical is a humid tropics. When two words come together, it becomes. “Modern decorating in a hot and humid area” means customizing the look of your home to suit the weather. in accordance with the residence It is quite focused on the area in the house. and playing with natural light to pass through the house, but fit

5 reasons why Modern tropical house to the hottest hits

Modern Tropical style home decoration is becoming very popular in tropical countries such as Singapore and has begun to become a trend in Thailand. The question is, why is it so popular? Here are 5 reasons to help clear your doubts. Along with making people know more about this style of home decoration. in case to keep it as an idea for decorating your own home

1. Atmosphere close to nature and suitable for the weather in Thailand

The first reason why Thai house lovers like us should decorate their houses in Modern Tropical style is because they are suitable for the Thai climate. This style of house will blend the living space and the natural surroundings together perfectly. The area will be open to receive the wind. It is well ventilated, not uncomfortable, sticky and sticky. If you decorate it chic with natural wooden furniture, it will make the house become like a good vacation home. feel relaxed

In addition, Modern Tropical home decoration will focus on closeness to nature. decorated by bringing decorations in the right place It should be a tree that is not very tall. And choose plants that don’t need a lot of sunlight so they can thrive even indoors.

2. Spacious living area Because it focuses on creating a space that is open, airy, and comfortable for the eyes.

The most outstanding feature of the Modern Tropical house is the decoration of the house by leaving a lot of usable space. which when there is a lot of space left The house will look open and airy, not uncomfortable, and then you will feel comfortable. If decorating a corner of the living room to have a channel for the wind to blow through for cooling. Use it as a corner for chilling, reading, listening to music, eating snacks during the holidays, it will be even more comfortable. But styling this requires a designer who understands how to play with space. and understand the context of the environment around the house including the change of weather conditions in the area as well

3. Have fun decorating your home with furniture that is full of stories.

Because another distinctive feature of the Modern Tropical style house is the decoration based on the arts and culture in the area. combined with modern design And home is a space for ideas and creativity. You can pick up that item. This piece of furniture is endlessly decorated in a Modern Tropical style home. Both looking for more things to decorate Find more trees to decorate. (But it’s important to keep in mind… leave some space at home!)

Furniture, wall color, wallpaper should also be decorated with items of the same tone. not flashy, sweet to look warm and lively Furniture should be simple, including tables, sofas, chairs, and other decorations. They may choose to add more naturalness to the home, such as rattan furniture. earthenware indigenous handcrafted ceramics

4. Easy to maintain with new options of decorative materials

With the concept of a modern house that is close to nature, many people are secretly worried that The house is decorated with wood as the main material. There will be problems later. From hot and humid climates, there is a risk of swelling and decay in the long term if adequate care is not taken. but can be relieved with modern innovation Makes a choice of materials to replace wood. with better features but still able to maintain natural beauty It also meets the needs of a variety of applications. For example, SCG, the leader in building materials, has developed innovative materials such as synthetic wood. That includes planks, laths, eaves, fences, decorative woods, etc., which provide both colors and patterns like real wood. There are natural wood colors such as golden teak, macha, red padauk, etc. or cement, which we can bring the color to suit the style of the house perfectly, which in addition to being beautiful. It’s natural It is also strong, durable, resistant to sunlight, resistant to rain, not rotting. Importantly, termites do not eat. cost-effective easy care Makes you enjoy decorating your home to the fullest without any worries.

5. Easy to decorate, whether it’s an old house or a new house.

If you want to adjust the old house to be in Modern Tropical style, it can be done. not as difficult as you think You don’t even have to smash the house and build it all over again. Just adjust some parts, such as the walls of the house, if you want to be beautiful and chic. and help the heat in At present, there are synthetic wood products that are designed like real wood that are beneficial to residents. Can be installed over the original wall without having to dismantle and build a new one For example, the SCG plank, Cool Plus model, produced with Color Lock Plus technology, can reflect heat 4 times better than before, making the house cooler, beautiful, fresh, shiny, always new, and can also prevent mold and algae. This time, our house will be both more beautiful and cooler. livable in a pile It is recommended to plant a few more trees. Add some simple wooden furniture to create the atmosphere of a Modern Tropical house.

If you are the one who is going to build a house or are planning to build a new house But I don’t know which one to build. to make it easier for you to decide And it’s another option to design your home. Today we will take you to know the house in tropical style.

Tropical style houses are built to be in harmony with nature. which is the design of the house in the concept that the residents can live in harmony with nature and can feel the warm natural scent create relaxation for living Tropical style house is another type of house suitable for hot and humid country.

For the appearance of the house in a tropical style The house will be designed to be airy, open, able to receive sunlight and wind well. Some houses have a balcony for sitting in the wind or sitting. Tropical-style houses are often used in bright tones. or earth tones and use materials that are commonly used as materials that come from nature, such as wood, stone or red stone, etc.

For home decoration, different types of wooden furniture or woven rattan furniture such as tables, cabinets, lamps and chairs may be used to make the house more beautiful and warm. In addition, the house may use glass to make the walls of the house to make the house look more airy and open. And when choosing a light bulb, you should choose an orange light bulb to make your home more attractive as well.

In addition to the above, if you want to build a house. or design a house in a tropical style You can use the needs of you or the residents of the home as well. You may be able to make a ramp using cement and sand. It will give you a beautiful entrance to the house. and can meet the needs of people giving homes again

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