These Mistakes Can Ruin Your Personal Injury Claim!

No one deserves to be hurt by someone else’s carelessness. However, personal injury accidents can happen to anyone, anytime. Filing for a personal injury lawsuit is one of the best ways to seek justice and get financial compensation for all the damages you face. But, the complications involved in the compensation procedure can be overwhelming to deal with. 

Many victims pursue their claim without consulting Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys. It is vital to understand that even if the procedure appears straightforward, dealing with the insurance company, at-fault party, courtrooms, and other aspects alone can result in low compensation or no compensation at all. 

Here are a few mistakes that can ruin your claim:

  • Failing to get treatment for your injury on time: 

Many injuries occur days or weeks after the incident. Failing to get timely medical treatment can affect your health and welcome additional complications. Moreover, the insurance company will take advantage of this and influence you into believing your injuries are not severe, reducing your compensation amount. 

  • Talking to the insurance company and signing the document without consulting a lawyer: 

The insurance company will try to approach you before you get a chance to seek legal help. The company will ask for an official statement that will later be used against you to reduce the compensation amount. Additionally, signing any document without consulting a lawyer can harm your case. 

  • Failing to gather enough evidence: 

Failing to gather sufficient evidence to prove the other party’s negligence can cause various adverse effects on your claim. Waiting to collect evidence can make it difficult to get appropriate evidence. 

  • Being too active on social media with posts that can prove you are okay: 

Social media plays a vital role in the legalities. The insurance company will use your social media posts against you, saying you are exaggerating your injuries. Even if you post an old picture, the company will still use it against you. Therefore, it is better to stay off social media for a while. 

  • Accepting the first settlement offer of the insurance company: 

Usually, the insurance company will give you a settlement offer in the beginning to settle the claim. The settlement amount is most likely to be less than you deserve. Believing in the company and accepting the company’s first offer will make you settle for less. Therefore, it is advisable to talk to an attorney before you consider accepting the offer. 

  • Refusing to follow your doctor’s advice:

Not following your doctor’s plan will make the opposite party’s case strong. The insurance company will use it against you, claiming that you are not as injured as you claim to be since you are not following the doctor’s advice.