Virginia Wrongful Termination: Know If You Have a Good Case

If you have been wrongfully fired at work, proving it can be difficult, depending on the facts of your case. Because of this, you must report any illegal instances you have been subjected to in the workplace to your boss or superior. Also, make sure to document the events that led up to your discharge. Have a record of the names of people involved, their statements, and where and where such events occurred. Once you have evidence organized, call a Wrongful Termination attorney virginia to review your case. If your lawyer determines you have a good case, they will tell you about your legal options and rights. 

Understanding Wrongful Termination

A wrongful discharge does not have to do with how you perform at work. Rather, it occurs when you lost your job for an illegal reason. Also, wrongful termination happens it breached an employment contract. 

Under the law, employees cannot be terminated from their jobs because of their projected personal characteristics like race, sexual orientation, religion, age, or physical disability. Also, you cannot be fired for engaging in protected activity such as whistleblowing. Additionally, wrongful termination due to a breach of contract can occur when you have been fired in a way that does not follow the provision spelled out in the contract regarding termination.  

What is At-Wil Employment

In Virginia, employers can terminate a worker’s employment whenever they want without cause and only notify the employees about their discharge without going through procedural prerequisites. Although employment contracts exist in the state, a lot of employees don’t have them, so they are at-will workers.

When an At-Employment Termination can be Illegal

Although employers can fire their workers without cause, a discharge can be illegal for some reasons. This can occur when an employer fires a worker due to their age, medical condition, color, and other characteristics. This is a type of wrongful termination whether or not the worker in question has been told about the reason for their discharge. 

Do You Have a Wrongful Termination Case?

Whether or not you have a wrongful termination case depends on the facts of your case. Because of this, you must speak with a lawyer to review the details. Your lawyer will review all collected documents related to your employment and obtain information about possible witnesses. They will use the facts of your case to come up with a detailed account to persuade a judge or jury that your termination was unlawful. 

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