What is the Writing Process?

This is the culmination of several writing stages, such as the drafting stage, the revising stage, the editing stage, and the publishing stage. Have you ever used a grade calculator? This process is often viewed as a linear one that results in a successfully written product if followed step by step.

There are 5 parts of the writing process that must be used. You can not skip these steps as it could be catastrophic.

Prewriting: Before students start writing, they need to decide what exactly they’ll write about and do the required research. Can you use a high school GPA calculator? If students need to come up with their own topic for an assignment, they should think of what they’ve covered in the class. Students can explore the topics that made them interested or confused. The scope of the topic depends on the type of text students are writing (for example, a research paper or an essay). Once students know the topic, they need to search for relevant, authoritative sources and collect the information they need.

Planning and outlining: It’s important to utilize a logical structure to convey information efficiently.. Creating an essay outline is an effective way to plan out the structure before students start writing.

Producing the first draft: Once students have a clear idea of the structure, they need to write a full first draft. They can use the outline as a framework to structure their writing. It’s important to ensure that every paragraph has a clear main focus that relates to the overall argument. When students move onto a new topic, they should start a new paragraph. They need to use appropriate transition phrases and words to establish the connections between the ideas.

Revising: The revision process is probably the most important part of the writing process. Up to this part, you have had an opportunity to outline your piece of writing and also write the first draft. During the revision stage, you have one last chance to find mistakes and make corrections. Your job is to turn your rough draft into a polished draft so you can publish it.

Publishing: Students finally finish the piece and are ready to submit it for publication.

 Concluding Thoughts

The writing process is a five-stage process that starts when the student selects the topic of interest to focus on. The prewriting stage is essentially the research stage, where the information regarding the selected topic is put together through selection of relevant source materials. By outlining the planned essay, the student is able to structure the paper to the required format, especially if there are guidelines provided. Once this process is complete, the student creates the initial draft, a rough compilation of the information from start to finish. Following the revision stage, where information is reviewed and deletions, additions, or edits are made, the essay is finally ready for submission. The writing process is usually considered to be a linear process, resulting in the production of impeccable results if done step-by-step.