What Is Zorbing?

Zorbing is a recreational sport that consists of rolling a big zorb ball downhill while a person is encased within the enormous clear plastic ball that the orb is made of. Zorbing is most commonly done on a gentle slope covered in grass, a hill covered in snow, water, or even level ground.

Zorbing can also be done on level ground, which provides the rider with increased control over the experience. When there are no gentle hills in the area, some operatives have constructed inflatable ramps made of metal or wood.

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The non-harnessed zorb is one of the two sorts of orbs available, and the harnessed orb is the other. There is room for up to three riders inside the orbs that do not require harnesses.

The harnessed zorb can accommodate a maximum of two riders at a time. A variety of slope requirements must be met to use the double-harness orbs.

They are restricted to being used in particular places only. There are some lengthier routes to the orbs than there are other routes. The longer runs can reach up to around half a mile in the distance at their longest point. 

Construction of a zorb

The sphere is made up of two separate portions, one of which is within the other. There is a layer of air in the space between the two balls. Those who ride benefit from the air as a shock absorber since it smoothes out the bumps they experience while moving downhill.

The zorbs are made of flexible plastic, making them lightweight. This is in contrast to the inflexible plastic that is used, for instance, to make hamster balls.

The rider can maintain their position because of the presence of several zorbs that contain straps. It is possible for riders of the orbs that do not have straps to stroll freely around or to be freely flung about by the rolling action of the orbs.

A normal zorb has a diameter of around three meters (10 ft), and the smaller orb that is contained within it has a diameter of approximately two meters (6 ft 7 in), which provides a cushion of air that is approximately fifty to sixty centimeters thick around the riders.

The thickness of the flexible plastic is around 0.8 millimeters. The two spheres, the outer and the inner, are held together by a network of hundreds of very fine nylon strings.

The Zorbing orbs have one or sometimes two passageways similar to tunnels. The entry and exit points guarantee that the rider can breathe healthy fresh air throughout the thrilling journey.


Zorbing can be done on level ground or gentle hills. Some have constructed inflatable ramps to aid in safety and ride control. It is exuberant fun that can be shared with friends and family. And it’s healthy too! Zorb balls are made to help children with disabilities have some fun in their life and, at the same time, raise money for them.

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