What to expect at your first session  

Going to your first marriage or couples therapy session can be scary. One of the hard parts is over, finding a Scottsdale relationship therapist. But now it is time to actually attend the sessions, which can bring on some uneasy feelings. We have some tips so that you know what to expect when attending your first session. 

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Be Prepared

Of course, when you are prepared, the experience will be less daunting businesslognews. Remember, the point of seeing a relationship therapist is to heal your relationship, so keep focusing on that and not the fear of attending the sessions. 

The first session will require both you and your partner to attend. Future visits may require just one-on-one visits, but the first time will be when the therapist meets with both of you to get to know you as a couple. The first session will just scratch the surface and give your therapist an idea of what the plan will be going forward. 

After your first session, you should always feel confident that you have made the right decision in choosing therapy for you and your partner. You should also feel that you and your partner are accepted and welcomed with compassion newmags. If not, there is no harm in trying to find a different relationship therapist. For therapy to work for you and your partner, the fit with your therapist must be the right one. Fortunately, you won’t waste any time because this will be figured out in the first visit. 

Have Trust

Not only should you trust yourself in following through with the therapy, but you should trust your partner and therapist through the process irtdaily. Your therapist is skilled and experienced in this field, and you should trust that they will put together the right plan for you and your partner.

Your first session should leave you with that feeling of trust in your therapist. Remember, though, that the first session will come with lots of questions as your therapist will need to go dig through the story of how you and your partner met and what brought you to therapy. 

The session will also be used to lay out all of your goals artdailynewsonline. Do this honestly, and communicate effectively how often you think you should meet to reach those goals. This will already start the communication process between all parties. 

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