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Why do people use a VPN?

If a user receives or sends data via a public network, we could be talking about a Virtual Private Network – VPN. But why do people use a VPN service? Anyone who surfs the Internet with a smartphone, PC, laptop or tablet without a VPN is exposed to certain risks in terms of data protection and privacy online. With a VPN service, your security and privacy are highly guaranteed.

By using a VPN, the data is first encrypted and then transferred to a VPN server, which then forwards it to the final destination. Like this anonymity is guaranteed by the fact that the transmission of data takes over the address of the VPN server. Therefore, you surf the Internet with the VPN, which shows a different location from the one where you really are.

By using a VPN address, every movement in the network is protected from third parties. Therefore, it prevents important data such as passwords, IP addresses or financial details from getting into the wrong hands.

If you strive to use the Internet connection completely anonymously, the IP address must be changed. The personal IP address contains a lot of information about us. However, if you “hide” behind a VPN service like Nord VPN, your privacy is protected on the Internet. 

Use secure (public) networks! A public WLAN (Local Area Network) is either open or an encrypted network.

An open network has the advantage that anyone can log in without any problems. Nevertheless, the disadvantage is obvious: you reveal your data, which is easy to analyze. Therefore, we recommend you to avoid these networks.

On the other hand, encrypted networks require a user identification. This means that the forwarded data cannot be read and surfing becomes safer. For this reason, you should connect to encrypted WLANs.

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In some countries Internet access is restricted by making certain websites inaccessible to the users. These websites are usually social networks such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. The aim of such an action is to prevent people from freely form their opinion.

The frightening thing is that more and more countries are using these means to maintain total control over the population. It is a state mass surveillance. This is not just about China or Turkey: for example, every 5th website in the UK is also blocked. Therefore, to counteract this internet censorship, it becomes very useful to have a VPN service.

And not only websites can be blocked in several countries also search engines such as Google can be blocked. It is well known that Google is used to search information. But there are countless people who are not allowed to use Google. Therefore, a VPN service can be used to access Google. For example, if you are in China, you have to select a server from a country where Google is not banned. Only then can the page can be accessed.

To conclude, as mentioned before a VPN can protect your online activity and it also brings a lot of advantages. If the VPN is activated, you can download files, surf the net, keep your own IP address hidden and keep your location secret from third parties.

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