Why Unsupervised Internet Surfing by Children is Harmful

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We all use the Internet. It has become as much part of our lives as breathing. Whether we like to admit it or not, the Internet continues to consume a big chunk of our day-to-day lives. The Internet is undoubtedly an outstanding invention that has surely changed our lives for the better. Never before has the whole world been available at our fingertips. It would not be wrong to say that the Internet has transformed the World into a sort of global village. But like with everything in the world, the pros of the Internet do have their cons. The Internet has provided malicious individuals with a whole new way to victimise innocent unexpecting people. At the forefront of those at risk of being targeted are children.

Children are innocent and naive. They may trust strangers on the Internet and be taken advantage of. Our trust in the Internet has exponentially increased compared to when the whole concept was relatively new. And because of this newfound trust, we allow our children to surf the Internet as well. Although the Internet has provided children with a seemingly endless supply of information and opportunities, it also comes with some very real risks.

Children May Share Sensitive Information Online

Children are often naive and curious. The Internet provides them with the opportunity to make new friends and socialise. But for the sake of their newfound online friendships, they may share otherwise private or sensitive information with strangers online. This can be extremely harmful, as their “friends” may turn out to be Criminals looking for opportunities to harm others. Parents have to report the incident to the appropriate authorities to control the damage caused if a child shares private information online. They will then have to perform a التحقيق الجنائي الرقمي to ensure the child’s safety and the family.

Children Are Easy to Manipulate

Children are not mature enough to judge the character of the people they befriend online. Parents normally teach their children to avoid strangers. A fairly common term for this is ‘stranger danger’. This also applies to strangers online. Children should be taught not to acquaint themselves with random people they meet online. Parents should monitor their internet usage and ensure that they don’t indulge in anything harmful.


The Internet is an amazing thing. It surely has more pros than cons. However, people should use good things wisely as well. Parents obviously care about their children and would go above and beyond to ensure their safety. Thus, it is of utmost importance that parents be aware of what their children are doing, viewing or sharing online. In case of any mishap, parents should timely report it to الأمن السيبراني authorities.