A Look at Oil Bunkering and the Role that Winson Oil and Other Companies Play

According to studies, oil is 3% of global GDP. That being said, if 3% of global GDP is twice the price tomorrow, clearly, this development is going to have an impact on inflation. Putting this factor into consideration, it can be said that services such as oil trading and bunkering–services that are provided by Winson Oil and other companies–play a key role in the economy. 

Because of the important role that oil trading and bunkering play in our daily lives, it is best to take a closer look at them.

Oil trading

In simple terms, oil trading is the process of buying and selling different kinds of oil as well as oil-linked assets with the goal of making profit. It should be noted that oil is a finite resource, and because of this, its prices can experience massive fluctuations because of supply and demand changes. 

Oil bunkering

Oil bunkering is the method of strategically hacking into pipelines; then afterward refining or selling oil on a parallel market. Simply put, oil is a form of business venture that is carried out in the study area. 

Putting the said factors into consideration, it can be said that both oil trading and bunkering play a key role in the economy. But the latter, despite its importance, is a bit overlooked. So, let us take a more extensive look at it to appreciate the service that Winson Oil and other reputable entities offer. 

The bunkering business

For bunkering procedures to be properly and efficiently performed, they need to undergo the bunker measuring process, which is time as well as labor-intensive. Here, oil bunkering companies such as Winson Oil, use specializedspecific manual techniques to make sure that their crew are safely tied up in a bunker. 

Also, the said procedures require several individuals on the primary deck for prolonged periods. In line with this, getting from a barge, to a vessel, and up ladders–oftentimes at night and during harsh weather conditions–comes with several safety issues. Furthermore, risks are inevitable each time bunkering personnel are on deck, and the consequences can be severe: from loss of profit to loss of life. 

This is a crucial task that needs to be properly performeddone to ensure that the crew are safe from life-threatening risks. In addition, suchthe methods that are involved are prone to human error; which isthat is why many entities make sure that they are not compromised in any way. 

Bunker pricing

Bunker pricing–due to several exogenous as well as intrinsic factors–can be treated as an art and not a science. It is important to note that the bunker market, at times, deviates from set supply and demand patterns. 

That is because bunker fuel is a by-product of the refinery process and is subject to the developments of the fuel oil market. Putting this factor into consideration, there are going to be times when the prices are going to catch up with demand and suppressed demand are going to pave the way for falling prices. 

Simply put, demand is going to have an effect on the market; in a vast majority of cases, the supply is the one that is the most vital component to consider. 

Summing up

By taking note of these factors, it is safe to say that oil bunkering plays an important role in the economy and many facets of our life. This is the reason why Winson Oil and other entities ensure that the procedures that they perform are done according to guidelines that are approved by governing entities. For more information Click Here