Constipation in Children: Symptoms and Treatments

Have you been noticing your kid lately feeling pain in the anus when they come out of the washroom after excretion?   You should always take such concerns under consideration when a child complains. The likely reason that is causing your child pain is constipation. This is not something to be worried about, as this is a very common issue faced by a lot of kids.

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According to the top Pediatric Gastroenterologist in Islamabad, the obvious painful bowel movement indicates that your child has constipation, but besides that, there are other causes and signs that parents need to look for. These include,

  • Bloating in the abdomen
  • Bleeding with bowel movements
  • Extreme Stomach Ache

A child that has constipation also sometimes shows signs of diarrhea which is not very well understood. What actually happens is that a stool block gets stuck in the rectum and the liquid stool gets passed out by sliding around the solid stool. When a kid has constipation the stool that comes out is dry and painful. The common causes can be,

Holding Back Stool: Holding in means that the child is not excreting it at the correct time. It shows that the kid is controlling the urge to go to the washroom. A lot of kids do it because they are very scared of the fact that they will have to be potty trained. It is sometimes because the kids don’t want to get used to the toilet. A big change seems challenging to them.

A lot of kids avoid this because they think if the poop has hurt them once it will hurt again. Constipation does hurt pretty bad and therefore makes the kid more scared to use the washroom.

Low Fiber Diet: A diet that is low in fiber contains very little liquid content It usually occurs at a stage when formula milk is transitioned into whole milk.

Side Effects: Certain medications have an impact on the absorption of food.

Treatments for Constipation

The major treatments that always work for kids with constipation include,

High-fiber foods

Make sure that you feed your child with vegetables and fruits. You can also feed them cereals that are high in fiber content. Whole grain bread should be added to the meals. Make sure that you provide them with 3 to 5 grams of fiber per serving. Add some lentils, chickpeas, and legumes to the food that you consume on a daily basis and make your child eat.

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Two snack options that your kid will love to consume is popcorn with some butter glazed on them. The other one is trail mix. It is better if you let the kid make it himself. Other foods good for overall gut health include yogurt.


Don’t forget to load in some fluids in the body as it helps a lot in softening the stool. If your child is only consuming fiber and taking no fiber, then it means the condition will be getting worse. That loaded fiber in the gut will have no way to be excreted.  With fluids, make sure that you give your child only water. Avoid giving them other fluids such as sugary drinks and colas.

Regular Toilet Time

Make a habit of your kid to use the washroom timely. It must be made sure that your kid visits the washroom after waking up, and after every meal. For younger children, never just tell them to go to the washroom. This way a pepper and regular toilet time will be set.

Stool Softener

A stool softener can be used in order to make the poop soft and easy to slide through the rectum. Make sure that you keep giving them the medication till they get better. Also, a lot of parents stop giving the medication after 3 or 4 doses, make sure that you discuss with your doctor before giving them. Some children need to stay on the stool softener for several weeks.


Constipation in children is very common. Just be sure that you are clear about the causes so that you understand your child well. Visit the doctor in case the condition of the child is getting worse. Follow the prescribed medication before trying other remedies.